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The most luxurious eco-friendly bedlinens I’ve seen. Organic cotton bedlinens come in a rainbow of solid colors, in an Indian print applied by hand with wood blocks, and other natural designs and in various weights. Natural color linen bedlinens contain both fine Irish and Belgian linen. And alpaca–yes, soft alpaca sheets and pillowcases–from animals grazed on land that is free of fertilizers and pesticides, where the herders practice a philosophy of “Pachamama” to develop harmony between man and the mother earth and to preserve the alpacas’ welfare. Silk bedlinens–and handstitched quilts, shams and bedskirts in vibrant colors–are finished with organic nut oil soap instead of formaldehyde. All can be custom monogrammed. Packaging is minimal packaging out of only recycled materials that can also be recycled or reused. All the eco-benefits of each product are fully explained. “We video tape in person, in all countries, all human resources that go into the manufacturing of our draperies. We guarantee good working conditions where happy employees take pride in producing our quality healthy products for a healthy planet…We have a corporate commitment to alternative labor sources. We also have an ethical responsibility to our community including support for homeless and battered women’s programs.”

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