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Truly unscented soaps, butters, scrubs, and balms, handmade by a woman who understands the meaning of the word. “I developed MCS in 2005 and now make unscented natural soaps from scratch. I don’t use any dyes or anything artificial. Body butters, lip balms, and bath teas too – all made without added fragrances in my scent free, smoke free, pesticide free home. Please warn MCS folks not to purchase handmade soaps from soapmakers who use essential oils or fragrance oils because their hands, molds, storage areas, packaging, etc. will all be fragrance contaminated. Although I add a variety of botanicals for beauty, variety, and skin loving properties, the lye process zaps 99% of the scent of anything I add (I note exceptions in my write-ups) and so most smell simply like a fresh bar of soap. I can no longer work outside of the home due to my MCS and so purchasing my soaps helps support my family.”

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