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Raw “treatment-free honey…fresh from the hive,” produced without chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, GMOs, or any other treatments. Further, their equipment has never been exposed to any chemicals or pesticides whatsoever. “We have chosen to join a community of beekeepers that are breeding stronger bees rather than medicating weak ones. We are following a path of sustainable honey production. Working with the natural rhythm of our bees’ life cycle, we are able to produce a honey far healthier than the supermarket alternative. Our honey is completely free from the dangerous chemical and antibiotic residues used by most beekeepers today.” They have many honey products to choose from, from 2-ounce mini honey bears to an adopt-a-hive program. Honeys in glass jars are straight from the hive, fortified with pollen, or flavored with chilis, lavender flowers, and other good things.

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