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“The only product available that kills all 17 bacteria known to cause unhealthy nails without using harsh chemicals or causing painful side effects. The formula was developed by a world-renowned professor at a leading university in Michigan, and remains the only all-natural solution. Athletes, seniors and anyone suffering can be freed from unhealthy nails with Nail 17. Nail 17’s patented formula combines the naturally occurring essential oils of Camphor, Thymol, Menthol, and Eucalyptus, specifically selected for their ability to promote healthy nails. Each individual oil contains properties that effectively stops the progression of the 17 microbes that cause unsightly nails, promoting healthy new nail growth. The inactive ingredient, Isopropyl Alcohol, carries the four essential oils to deeply penetrate the nail plate.” NOTE: I don’t usually recommend isopropyl alcohol, however I am recommending this product which contains it because it is much safer than other treatments.

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