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Textiles and apparel (for women) in collaboration with nature. Natural Fibers. Natural Finishes. Natural Dyes. Our extraordinary textiles are obtained from prized and certified sustainable natural fibers. We manufacture in California with clean ingredients utilizing strict biological and ethical principles…We make textiles to be worn by people. Our fabric is designed to be in direct contact with our bodies. Produced with clean green ingredients such as cotton, a carbohydrate, real botanicals like indigo dye and minerals, for example calcium carbonate, the main component of pearls and eggshells; it is our belief that textiles and apparel should be made with the same consideration as food — naturally, and with nothing we can’t consume. What’s on our bodies should be just as good as what we put in them….Every product is designed to be cared for, repaired, and passed on–not landfilled. It is our hope that after a long life of use, it can be composted worry free.” Just go to their website and read everything. Especially their blog. A whole different viewpoint on textiles.

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