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“We are a bedding parts supplier. We are here to enable you to make your own chemical free, natural bedding, be it pillows, mattresses, blankets, comforters, etc.” Because they are a parts supplier and not a mattress manufacturer, you make your own mattress with the materials you choose. It’s as simple as opening a big zippered bag, filling it with materials, and zipping it up. Or you can make your own completely from scratch with very natural materials in hard to find sizes. Componentsinclude wool from local farms, 100% natural latex, and GOTS certified organic fabric. She also offers sewing patterns for those who would like to save even more by sewing their own mattress ticking, and custom fire-retardant-free latex cuts for any DIY furniture project.

Listen to my interview with Deborah Brenton, owner of DIY Natural Bedding.

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