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"100% Pure handmade Olive oil soap. No Additives. No Preservatives. No Chemicals. No testing on animals. No Animal products. Your Skin will notice the difference…available unscented and in many unique blends, using only pure and natural herbs, plant extracts and oils…We treat soap making as an art. We are always experimenting with different colors and techniques to keep our soap the finest in the world. As a result the color, texture and aroma will differ from batch to batch. Its all part of the charm." I found this little shop in a village just up the coast from where I live in Florida. They have no labels on the soaps–their name and the price is stamped into the soap! In the shop, the irregular hand-cut pieces sit out in open baskets. They don't give you a bag unless you ask for one. Their blends are unusual and absolutely wonderful–like oatmeal and lavender, vanilla and mint, ginger and grapefruit. Ask them what they have when you are ready to order, as I noticed not all of the blends in the store were on their website.

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