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These colorful wool dryer balls are so adorable, they make me smile every time I look at the picture. “I like to make wool dryer balls, they are natural and clean! With wool dryer balls your laundry will dry faster, stay soft and fluffy. This eco-friendly product is a great way of saving your money and reduce drying time of your clothes. My wool dryer balls have been made from 100% natural wool. Wool Dryer Balls made from pure merino wool which has been wet felted using only water and soap. Balls are washed with detergent without any chemical additives and fragrances. If you buy Wool Dryer Balls you will cut down your expenses and keep your time without using laundry drying and material conditioner for clothes. You just need to use 4 wool balls during clothes drying and you will decrease the working drying time average 25% and put down nearly 30- 45% of total loading.”

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