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A gorgeous palette of colors made from natural mineral and clay pigments, in a plant-based (soy), zero-VOC paint. “Green Planet Paints was conceived in 1993, when Meredith Aronson, materials scientist and expert in clays and historic pigments, moved to Patagonia, Arizona. Surrounded by the blazing ochres of canyon walls, the electric greens of waterfall mosses, the shifting silvers of high-desert grasses and the multicolored hues of migrating birds, she was inspired to create a paint that not only reflected the beauty around her, but respected it. Combining her expertise in materials science with her knowledge of ancient pigment technologies, she began formulating a new kind of paint founded on three principles: beauty, performance, and sustainability. With the birth of her son in 2000, Meredith realized that her paint not only had to be beautiful, sustainable and durable, it had to be safe as well–with no exceptions. She began to experiment with simple, natural recipes for milk paints and clay paints, guided by her friends Bill and Athena Steen, renowned innovators in natural construction. Over time, she reformulated these simple paints to improve their performance and manufacturability. She incorporated her knowledge of Mayan Blue pigment technology to create stunning blues, and soon had a rich palette of colors inspired by the natural landscape around her.”

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