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There is a lot to read on this website about the purity of the plant ingredients and the very basic formulas that prove “nature is enough.” As an example I will just tell you about the Root & Berry Lip Glace, which I am going to try. There seem to be descriptions on one page and ordering on another, so if you want to buy and don’t see a shopping cart, go to “shop.” But this lip glace has “been formulated to nourish lips in much the same way the H IS FOR LOVE skincare line does. I chose to leave out pigments that weren’t specifically there to enhance the nourishing qualities of the gloss, and instead included roots, berries, and flowers that would color the oils naturally.” That is so in agreement with my own thinking. And then she went on to say how she was addicted to her department store lipstick. It was the same brand I was addicted to for the same reason. It took me so long to give it up because of the color and the feel. And then she made this glace and gave it up. “No more poison gloss for me!” she said. “H is for love is about sharing nature’s most wonderful gifts. Each ingredient is pure, every product made by hand to optimize quality and efficacy. Cruelty-free and almost entirely organic and wild-sourced, only natural preservation methods are employed. Designed with purpose and care, each element has already withstood the ultimate test: time.”

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