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“Wild plant products from the mountains and deserts of the west”. Home and personal products that evoke the natural woodsy smells of the outdoors, made from wildcrafted herbs and plant trimmings. “This business was born out of my love for the wild plants and the outdoors. Everything we do…would be pointless if the plants were harmed by our harvesting activities. As such, we always harvest with permission and in a sustainable and responsible manner…When we harvest Juniper we prune around the bottom of tall tress and every year, the trees respond vigorously to the pruning by putting on new growth.” I love these products because they really speak of the wild places they come from. Like Douglas Fir tea–when I lived in California, I learned that the local natives in the forest where I lived drank Doug Fir tea. It smells and tastes like Christmas trees and my own forest. Choose from teas, sachets and incense, medicinal herbs, wild herb soaps, and wild foodstuffs like birch tree syrup and wild berry jams. “We also give 10 percent of our profits to groups that defend western wilderness, so when you buy our products not only are you getting a gift from the wild, you are also helping preserve it.”

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