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A full line of unscented natural cleaners for laundry, kitchen, bathroom, and general household use, developed by Martha Stewart. “Our products have been developed from 99+% plant- and mineral-based formulas that are safe to use, especially in homes with children and pets. They are naturally “clean-fragranced”— without artificial perfumes and strong chemical odors—so surfaces, clothing, and hands are left smelling fresh and clean. We strictly avoid animal by-products and testing, artificial colors and preservatives, and harsh synthetics like SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) which can irritate skin. And all of our packaging is sustainable: our recyclable bottles are made only from PET or HDPE (carrying resin identification numbers 1 or 2, respectively) and contain recycled content, and our shipping cartons are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure that they are sourced only from well-managed forests. As a result of all these efforts, Martha Stewart Clean™ has been recognized by Design for Environment (DfE), a program administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, as a best-in-class product recognized for safer chemistry.”

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