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A small fabrication studio in Texas that handcrafts all the accessories a man needs out of wood instead of plastic: wooden combs (freestanding, folding and even a folding comb keychain with two different-sized combs!), shaving brushes, and razors, plus various wooden cufflinks, signs, clocks, and a lot more more (like personalized handmade soaps). “Our products are typically made out of wood, leather, cork, acrylic, and aluminum, but that doesn’t stop us from experimenting with other stuff. We try to locally source materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable, whenever possible, and try to put every last scrap to good use in order to minimize waste. Some of our natural wood stains are made in our shop using household items such as vinegar, steel wool, hydrogen peroxide, copper, walnuts, and tea.Our products are very customizable and can be personalized with a name, initials, monogram, logo, or just about whatever strikes your fancy. ”

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