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“Healthy Upholstery—Without Chemicals.” Buy nontoxic upholstery foundation materials for your project here: premium wool batting, organic cotton batting, Oeko-Tex and GOLS certified organic latex foam, organic cotton ticking. In addition, they have lots of resources to help you with your project including a list of upholstery professionals and designers, makers and DIYers, instructions for your professional upholester, and a list of websites where you can buy organic uphostery fabrics. “My work at this moment is focused on creating positive change. For me this means building a resource for Makers to learn upholstery restoration using natural and organic materials. It means sharing stories, skills and imagination in an open source platform – where each of us builds upon the contributions of others to create something new and better. I can’t wait to see what you create! Large or small, impacting a single person or many. Hearing your stories and helping you transform your upholstery project into something that imparts a meaningful presence to your space is the best part of my work!”

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