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"Celebrate the wonders of the plant world and give something back." Handmade, vegetable based soaps that "do not contain artificial colorants, fragrances or preservatives, are scented using pure essential oils and colored with natural herbs and herbal teas. Plantopia's soap labels are printed with soy ink and made with 100% post consumer fiber. The same is true for our gift boxes. The decision to obtain eco-friendly packaging was an expensive decision for a small start up organization…made in a desire to hold true to our own beliefs. If you buy three soaps, they will make a donation to plant a tree through the Trees Across America Campaign, sponsored and supported by Earth Day Network and American Forests' Global ReLeaf Program. Soaps are available unscented or with simple, lovely additions, like orange blossom honey that contains real orange blossom honey and is colored with the tea brewed from organic calendula petals. An unusual item is their Sea Soap, which lathers easily in salt water.

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