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A unique handmade, gentle, chemical-free soap, that leaves your skin “effectively cleansed yet still soft and resilient…without pore clogging residue, sticky lotion or heat retaining oils.” Whole, raw goat milk and raw honey are combined in a special way to retain the vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes that make the difference. The unique process incorporates each ingredient slowly and carefully to enhance and promote the cleansing and nourishing properties. This produces an incredibly dense, gentle yet effective soap. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Keeping it effectively clean and free of residue allows it to absorb essential needs from the air (oxygen), the sun (vitamin D) and the world around you. Also, important is the ability to excrete toxins and produce cooling moisture. Prima Natural™ soap respects and preserves these vital functions. Skin should not be masked with residual oils, lotions, creams or chemicals. Really clean, nourished skin does not require any of these. For a true natural clean and the health of your skin and your body:  eat well, drink plenty of water and cleanse with effective yet gentle Prima Natural™ soap.

Listen to my interview with Prima Natural Founder Heidi Sanner.

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