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An extraordinary line of women’s clothing with a viewpoint and understanding far beyond any other website I’ve seen. Clothes designed for healing are made from “100% chemical-free” wild Himalayan nettle, flax, and hemp, colored with plant-based dyes. There is so much information available on the site about the fibers, dyes, skin detox, health and other related topics I could spend all day reading this. This is the purest clothing I’ve seen. “Seam Siren is fiercely committed to purity in every layer of the company from our plant-based care labels to chemical-free fibers. We have made a commitment to create relationships with the communities that both harvest the fiber from the wild, and those that are growing our fibers organically. We are proud to stand confidently behind terms like, “organic”, “sustainable”, “plant-based”, “wildcrafted” and “chemical-free”, knowing in our hearts that we are operating from a place of transparency and integrity….These botanical fibers and dyes act as a medicinal delivery system from the material to your skin. One of the oldest examples comes from the Indian tradition of Ayurveda. Now referred to as “Ayurvastra”, or “healing cloth”, this practice involves combining natural fibers and medicinal plants to dye clothing, bedding, and anything else that would come in contact with the body to promote healing. Two clinical studies proving the efficacy of this practice were conducted in India: One by the Kerala Ministry of Health and the other one by the Pharmacology department of the Government Ayurveda College…When we are unable to harvest our own colors due to volume, we source our dyes from a company that has created fully GOTS certified organic plant-based dyes, which are the most earth-friendly on the market with full traceability from the plants to the final colors.” This website gave me a whole new level of possibility about what clothing can be.

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