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I found this website because a reader wrote and said, “There are only four ingredients in this soap. I think that’s the smallest number of ingredients I’ve ever seen in a soap. This soap was used by Cleopatra. I think it may be in a class of it’s own.” The website says “Beyond organic natural skin care…wildcrafted soaps and oils are 100% natural and handcrafted from wild and/or organic fruits and their precious oils.” I have to say that the ingredients used to make these products are among the purest and most extravagant I’ve seen…Nepalese soap nuts, cold pressed oils to retain micronutrients, natural spring water…even the wrapping is wildcrafted handmade lokta paper to preserve the potency of the precious oils. All soaps can be used head to toe, for bathing, shampoo, and shaving.

Listen to my interview with Ken McGowan, Founder of Sinfully Wholesome

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