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These interlocking soft foam mats are a perfect for any room that needs a soft floor (think child's room, workout area). They are comfortable to stand on and protects falling babies and kids from injury. Made from nontoxic EVA foam, tested to be free of formaldehyde, BPA, phthalates. Contains no latex or fire retardants. Completely waterproof. Comes in 1 and 2 foot square and two thicknesses. Every color of the rainbow, plus wood grain, flower insets, and letters so you can spell your child's name. Let your imagination run wild! Only $1.45 a square foot. Free samples. [Note, I ordered some samples, and when they arrived, they did have a slight odor. I spoke with the owner and he said the odor dissipates within a week, when you open the box and spread the tiles around. It's not a toxic exposure, just an odor that some people may not tolerate.]

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