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A variety of organic fair trade chocolate chips and candies that are different than the usual in several ways. First, their chips come in in 42%, 44%, 51% and 65% (bittersweet) cacao, and are made with organic sugar and actual organic vanilla. They are also free of soy lecithin. Their Chocolate Dream chips are dairy and gluten free. The grain-sweetened chocolate chips taste very good–very chocolately, rather than too sweet. “Our cocoa is grown in Central America and South America by growers who use fair labor practices and provide us with the finest cocoa beans. These are blended, roasted, and stone ground, and cured in REAL vanilla… We use malted barley as a sweetener for a number of reasons. Master chocolatiers prefer the fact malted barley allows the true chocolate taste to dominate, as opposed to sweeteners that become the predominant taste, masking the chocolate. In addition, barley malt is a complex carbohydrate derived from natural grains…Our candies are created in the handmade tradition using old-time candy making techniques. After all, the founder of Sunspire is a fourth generation candy maker.” As of this writing, these products are not sold on their website, but the site has a store finder. You can find their products in most natural food stores, and on-line at Toxic-Free A-Z .

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