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Luxurious soaps, handmade using “the tried and true cold process method of making soap – entirely from scratch with certified organic oils that your skin actually craves….Our soap is made in small batches, from scratch, with each bar being individually cut and hand-wrapped to insure quality control. Natural colorants are used in our wonderful soaps to bring out the beauty of each bar and organic and natural herbs are added to some of the recipes. Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Palm Oil (sustainable) and Coconut oil are just a few of the rich oils used to create this luxurious line of soap. Rosemary extract is used in every batch because it is a natural preservative and can extend the color and scent of the soap for up to two years.” Also unscented laundry soap and body lotion, scribes, and salts.

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