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“Purely natural wall paints, plaster, and wood finishes,” made with the highest quality, minimally processed ingredients such as clay, marble, and chalk. Following recipes that have been successfully used by people throughout the world for thousands of years, these coatings are 100% free of VOCs and other petrochemical ingredients, and instead are made with fully-disclosed, natural ingredients. They carry six types of paint, which can be used to paint any interior room. “Natural paint relies on the inherent qualities of natural ingredients that can be used as binders (such as casein, a protein glue), fillers (such as marble, which provides opacity and whiteness), and pigments (such as earth pigments that derive natural color from their mineral content). A variety of different unique natural paint types exist, and include clay paint, milk paint, and lime paint. Most natural paints, including the entire line of paints by Unearthed Paints, are 100% zero-VOC and safe to use while pregnant.”

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