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Pachmana Alpaca Pillows are bed and nursing pillows made of 100% US organic cotton with 100% US natural alpaca fill, an organic, luxurious replacement for pillows usually made of toxic styrene. “Pillows are the worst offenders in the bedding industry because we breathe in their toxic out-gassing every night for hours. The Pachmana pillow allows your body to rest at night, because it has no toxins to fight off. It is as peaceful as the animals it comes from…I was so alarmed at the recent reports on toxins in nursing pillows and pillows in general that I designed a new company where we are using only 100% US organic cotton and only all-natural alpaca fill.” Alpaca fiber has a semi-hollow core, deterring dust mites, the leading cause of asthma and allergies in the bedroom. This porous alpaca fiber creates an extra insulation value for a constant balance of temperature when we are in contact with it. Unlike wool, alpaca does not contain lanolin, it is hypoallergenic and does not itch or prick like wool. Because alpaca is naturally fire resistant, no toxic chemicals are used. Lifetime guarantee. Buy this pillow once and you can send your pillow back at any time to have it adjusted, refreshed or get a brand new cover for only $25. They also sell organic cotton sheets and alpaca blankets made especially for them by Pendelton.

Listen to my interview with USAlpaca Company Founder and Owner Robbin Martinelli.

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