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My #1 choice for healthy cookware, these Xtrema pots and pans are 100% ceramic, through and through–made only from natural minerals, clay and water. No metals are in this ceramic cookware. This lead-free high-tech all ceramic glaze is easy to clean and does not leach lead or any other toxic metals (see lab tests on website). The extremely hard ceramic cooking surface cannot be scratched by metal utensils or steel wool but I recommend wood utensils when cooking with Xtrema. Because the ceramic material holds heat exceptionally well, you can save energy by cooking at lower temperatures. The attractive and versatile cookware lets you take the food from the stove to the table and then to the refrigerator for storing leftovers. This is the cookware I use every day for almost everything I cook. NOTE: This cookware is lightweight and extremely easy to clean, however, I wouldn’t call it “nonstick.” Eggs will stick unless you spray your cookware with olive oil after the pan is heated on a low temperature for 3 minutes (see the video on the web site on How to Cook Eggs).

Listen to my interview with Ceramcor Founder Rich Bergstrom.

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