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Question from Kristina

Please help! I just moved a chaise up to my bedroom, and after 90 degree heat in No. CA this week, my furniture seems to be reeking of that same smell I smelled when it was new!!
I’m so worried now that I’ve been “poisoning” my family with this furniture!! Just read many horrible reviews of Ashley Furniture!!! 🙁
I’m getting rid of it ASAP.
Can you refer a safe furniture manufacturer?
We bought this large sectional from Ashley in June of 2018, and have been moving it around lately. I wonder if I’ve rekindled these horrible chemicals?
Thanks for any help you can offer!!


Lisa’s Answer

I just wrote a post on the chemicals in upholstered furniture.  You can read it here.  I can’t tell you specifically what is in your piece but upholstered furniture can off-gas indefinitely.  The heat can accelerate the off-gassing but just because you were not smelling it before does not mean it was not off-gassing.  Debra’s List has several non-toxic furniture makers.


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