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Question from Madelyn


Hi Lisa! I have some questions about the toxicity of burning candles. My husband and I completely revamped our lifestyle a few years ago to a more healthy and non toxic life. We are very careful with what we buy and or bring into our home, especially with 2 young kids.

So we haven’t burned typical paraffin wax candles (I.e. yankee candle, etc) in a long time. We first went to soy candles then read those are also problematic, so we stopped. Then we tried beeswax tealight candles, but they were so expensive yet burned out extremely quickly and we were very disappointed so we stopped.

We have a harsh winter where we live and we’ve been trying to embrace the “hygge” (cozy in danish) lifestyle so we can learn to enjoy the winter season more. One of these recommendations is to burn candles which adds to the coziness of the home and makes you happier.

So back to the problem of what type of candles are non toxic? Are soy wax candles truly a bad alternative? Is beeswax the only safe option? If so, do you have recommendations of a brand or type that don’t burn out so quickly?


Lisa’s Answer


There is a whole list of candles on Debra’s List.


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