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Question from Lana

Dear Debra, My question is about bedding. I’ve always bought 100% cotton sateen sheet sets. I never bought wrinkle free. Is there a chance that they still could have been treated with formaldehyde? I’m questioning cotton sateen wording. Is flannel and knit the only safe option? Thank you so much. Lana

Debra’s Answer

Sateen is a type of fabric that has a certain weave.

It is a cotton fabric with a luster like silk satin.

Sateen starts with long-fiber, combed or carded cotton, which is mercerized to bring out the sheen. Mercerization involves soaking the fiber in a sodium hydroxide (lye) bath and then in an acid bath. None of these substances remain in the cotton after processing. Mercerization makes the cotton fiber stronger and more easily dyed, and also adds a luster to the fibers.

I think you are fine with sateen sheets. I’ve never heard of chemical finishes being used on sateen.

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