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Question from Janet


Elyte also makes Organyc incontinence pads. I am not convinced either are completely nontoxic? Elyte (Super) does not hold it’s shape, & the adhesive is weak. It thus comes out of place. The heaviest Organyc is not long enough.
For moderate to heavy leakage, there’s not much available. Those 2 are the only ones I’ve found. I think they are better than others. I suspect the chemicals in incontinence pads worsen incontinence. There is lots of attention to toxins in menstrual & diaper products. This is a neglected area & a marketers dream I’d think. So many are searching for answers. If someone could actually reduce incontinence with pure products, I bet the results would be fast, obvious & convincing. It would also impact bladder infections & other related issues. The increase in quality of life would be substantial.

Lisa’s Answer

I haven’t looked into this category.  That will be an extensive research project so beyond the scope of the Q&A.  I’ll keep it on my list of future products to investigate.


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