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Question from TA

Are you familiar with the IntelliBed mattresses? 

Here is their website:

Sounds interesting. The video gives more detail about the nature of the intelliGEL than I have found (so far) on their website.

I am interested in finding a mattress for my toddler which will last throughout the childhood and teenage years. I’m aware of Naturepedic, Savvy Rest, etc. Now I’m wondering about this one.

Debra’s Answer

I took a look at their website and chatted with them. Interesting slight of hand marketing.

They talk about toxic foam and their “foam free sleep surfaces“, yet the core of the mattress contains “a small amount of high density foam” which is used “to support the gel in place.”

The “gel” is not a jellylike substance (that’s the definition of gel), but is dry, so it doesn’t need a bag to hold it in place.

The gel is made from food grade mineral oil, which is “completely safe and has been approved to use in baby bottle nipples.”

Mineral oil is highly refined straight petroleum.

Of course, all of this is wrapped in organic cotton, thus the “foam free sleep surface.”

I just don’t see the point. I’m very happy with my 100% wool mattress. If cotton is too hard, wrap it around wool, or springs.

All that said, I doubt that there would be much toxic exposure, if any, from these materials being in the core, but if you want a all-natural mattress, this isn’t it.

what is the gel made from?
Chat started
Cameron joined the chat
Hi Debra!
Thank you for visiting intelliBED, I’ll be happy to explain the gel
We use a food grade mineral oil to manufacture the gel. It is completely safe, and has actually been approved to use in baby bottle nipples because of it’s nature
May I ask how you heard about intelliBED?
word of mouth
is the gel encased in plastic? If so, what type?
The gel is held in place in the mattress by a small amount of high density foam.
Unlike other mattress companies, we do not rely on foam to support or comfort your body, but we do use foam to support the gel in place
so the gel is infused into the foam?
No the gel is not infused in to the foam, but we encase the gel in the center of the bed to avoid the gel moving around inside of the mattress
The gel itself is very pure. We do not infuse it in to the foam, or with any other materials
OK but is the gel then in a container, like a bag, then wrapped with foam?
No, it’s a dried gel so it does not have to be contained
OK that’s what I wasn’t understanding. “Gel” is by definition a jellylike substane
OK that’s all I needed to know
If you have any other questions, or would like more information; feel free to reach out to me

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