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Question from Miriam

Looking for a table for our locked-down kiddos to learn!  Does this look ok?  not sure what the finish is:

One reviewer commented: “Super sturdy, heavy, solidly built table, with extra smooth silky table top (without a trace of any finish odor, which gives us peace-of-mind). ”

wanted to add to the question I just submitted and ask if either of these would be a better choice:
The 2nd has clear acrylic lacquer.  Do you know if AFM SafeSeal can be used on something like that?



Lisa’s Answer


I reached out to ECR4Kids to try to find out what finish they use and if they use adhesive but have not heard back.  You could absolutely use AFM SafeSeal on this!  That would be a very good option.  I would do this over either of the IKEA options.

The IKEA Mammut is made of polypropylene, which is typically a safer plastic.  However, as I discuss in this post, it is very difficult to know what additives are used in the plastic.  These additives are often more hazardous than the plastic.

The IKEA Ypperlig has even more materials of concern.  The top is made of particleboard, ash veneer, fiberboard, solid birch with a clear lacquer.  IKEA strives to use lower levels of chemicals in their products but they do use chemicals.  Particleboard and fiberboard often contain formaldehyde.  Veneers use adhesive which off-gas.  The lacquer could also off-gas.  It has many more potential sources of chemicals than the solid wood table.


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