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Question from Miriam


My daughter wears cochlear implants, which have cables that connect the magnet to the processor.  Her audiologist kindly gave us some covers to strengthen then and keep them from kinking up but when I asked the Etsy vendor about them, she informed me they are made from PVC.  Could you PLEASE help me think of an alternative?  These are something she wears every day, and on her head :-/.

Here is a picture of a cochlear implant:

and here is the link to the  covers we were given:

You can see a picture in the listing of what it is covering, as well.

Lisa’s Answer


Have you searched for silicone covers?  I googled hearing aid covers and came up with several options.  I’m not sure if they would fit your device but perhaps they could be cut.  I don’t recommend silicone for baking but it is inert at room temperature.


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