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Question from TJG


After an exhaustive search for a 100% nylon shower curtain (untreated) I settled for one that some websites touted as having the lease toxic material (Berning).  But when I received product which was labeled as 100% nylon, I cross referenced it on manufacturers sight (Carnation Home fashions) and it was classified as polyester. There is no chemical odor to it but is nylon a safer material for those with chemical sensitivities and allergies?

Lisa’s Answer


If the product is labelled 100% nylon, it should be nylon.  I looked at the manufacturer’s website and see where it says it is 100% nylon but then goes on to say it is 100% polyester.  You could call the company to clarify.  Perhaps it is a typo.  I can’t tell you what any sensitive person will react to because everyone is different.


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