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Question from Debra


I painted an old childhood piece of furniture with Kitz oil based sealer. I waited two days to dry and then I painted it with a latex paint which you could use on furniture. The smell is horrible. It’s getting better with the fan that’s facing the open window, But we can’t use the room with the furniture. Will it ever stop smelling.

Lisa’s Answer

It will eventually cure and stop smelling but the length of time will depend on many factors including the humidity, ventilation, thickness of coats, and whether each coat was dry before you put on another coat.  You can use a fan and humidifier to quicken the pace but I don’t think you want to be breathing the fumes in the meantime.  I would remove it to an outdoor location or garage until the odor subsides.  You can read more here about how to minimize the odor and off gassing from paint.


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