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Question from Diana


I recently purchased some Ikea bedroom furniture, billy bookshelves,malm dresser and bedside table. I was too impulsive on the buy because the price was  right. I realized this after closer inspection. I have been trying to find safe coat safe seal as I live in Winnipeg,Manitoba but it is proving to be impossible to find and I imagine if Ido find it, it will be quite costly.  I have also come to find out that shellac may be just as effective. Is this true and if not can you provide me with an alternative to prevent outgassing ?

Lisa’s Answer

Shellac is typically lower in VOCS than lacquers but not all are the same.  It’s possible that you could be trading one problem for another.  Also, I’m not aware of any shellac product that provides independent testing that it blocks VOC off gassing.




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