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Question from Albert

Hi Debra,

I recently moved into an apartment and am finding ants in the bathroom. By keeping the tub as dry as possible and using peppermint oil profusely, I am keeping the population down to just a few a day so it isn’t a big problem yet, but a bother. I have also seen some in the laundry room so I suspect they are a problem in the building. I am wondering if it would be safe for someone chemically sensitive to use a few ant baits as well? I am considering trying to seal off all the cracks in the bathroom, but I’ve tried taping most of the visible ones and they still seem to find some way in so I wonder if that will help?


Debra’s Answer

Here is the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for ant bait. I wouldn’t recommend it for a person with chemical sensitivities, or otherwise.

I have always had success by filling the cracks where they are entering with Elmer’s white glue. You’ll need to keep watch and do this day after day until you get all the cracks, but when you do it’s handled…nontoxically.

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