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Question from Nikki


If an item that uses organic cotton is blended with 5% spandex is it considered fairly safe? I am trying to get natural products for my baby but some things are very hard for me to find without a small percent blend. I’m very limited it seems.

Also I am finding many organic cotton baby play Matt’s but all of them are filled with polyester filling!!!! Is this ok or do I need to continue the search?

I’m finding strict toxic free is overwhelming me as a mom preparing for a baby!

Between  gots certified materials that still include spandex and Oeko-Tex certs that don’t use organic cotton ….

I am confused and just want to know what a realistic acceptable balance is!

Worried and overwhelmed mom 🙁


Lisa’s Answer


I understand how confusing it is!  Your baby is already benefiting from the steps you have taken.  Stress isn’t good for you or the baby.  There is not a right or wrong answer about what is an acceptable balance.  Focusing on the big things is important; like a nontoxic mattress and crib.  5% spandex in clothing is not something to worry about, particularly if it is certified.

An organic cotton mat with polyester filling that is Oeko-Tex certified is a good choice.  I would choose this over the EVA mats that are popular.  Have you checked Etsy?  They do have some all organic cotton options.  If you find one with polyester fill contact the vendor and see if they can make it with a cotton or wool fill.

I plan to do a deeper dive into playmats because I have gotten a lot of questions about it but I’m not sure I will have it before you need to buy one.  Good luck!


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