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Having trouble finding information, I am able to understand, on the toxicity of latex mattresses made with blended [synthetic 60%/30% natural}latex.
Most of what is available on line is connected to businesses selling competing products and seems
Wondering if you could provide any insight or suggest a source for this information.


Lisa’s Answer

Styrene butadiene latex is a synthetic latex that is made with fairly toxic ingredients but once cured it is less toxic.  A blended latex will have lower VOCs than a 100% synthetic latex but it will still have VOCs.  I understand that natural organic latex is expensive but I think it is one of the biggest priorities if you are looking to lower your toxic exposure because you spend several hours every day breathing in it’s emission.

A mattress with 30% natural latex is not a natural mattress.  I am also assuming the natural latex is not certified organic which means it is possible it could contain chemical additives.



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