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Question from Ron

1) Do you have any further information about the safety of Man Pans? You last wrote about them on 8/6/17 and said: “
“…They say their [new] non-stick finish is Gem-X2, “a two layer sapphire/quartz-like natural mineral finish permanently bonded to our tough aluminum pans. It will not flake, chip or rub off and is metal utensil safe. ..
However, their new website Lloyd Pans says they have developed their own “water-based, nontoxic” finish, with no further information and a different name than before.”

I will call them for further info. What questions should I ask?

2) Do you think that Sur La Table’s green pan is a safe one to use?
Thank you for your help.

Lisa’s Answer


Sur La Table’s GreenPan is a hard anodized aluminum core with ceramic non-stick coating.  Studies have shown that ceramic coatings can release nanoparticles into food.  According to the study, chronic exposure can cause immune system disruption and pre-cancerous lesions to the gut.  Most manufacturers do not specify exactly what is in their coatings because it is proprietary.  Without further testing to prove safety, I don’t recommend any cookware with non-stick coatings.

Man Pans are anodized aluminum with a non-stick coating.  They also do not reveal what is in their coating because it is proprietary.  While they claim that the coatings do not chip or flake, I would also be concerned about the possibility because aluminum is very prone to leaching.

I wouldn’t use either pan.


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