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Question from geoffmilw

Hi Debra,

We live in a wooded area and have a nest of carpenter ants in the wall above a window. Actually, they are in the structural header above the window (I verfied by drilling several small holes it’s all wood above the window). I wanted to use diatomaceous earth, which is non-toxic, except if inhaled, but that will not work in this structural header that is within the wall.

My wife is chemically sensitive and our daughter is due to have her first baby in August. Is Timbor a safe alternative for my wife, our pregnant daughter and the baby on the way?

Thanks very much for your help.


Here is a home remedy for making a bait, just do as follows:

Carpenter ants will be attracted to the honey, because of their love for sweet foods, and then will sip up the boric acid, which will cause them to cease and desist.

Keep this away from children as it is harmful if swallowed.

Debra’s Answer

Yes, yes, yes. It smells like nothing. I wouldn’t eat it, but my husband has been applying Timbor to every bare piece of wood in our house for about five years and I never smell a thing. No ill effects.

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