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My guest is Sarah Sunshine Smith, owner of Shepherd’s Dream. Since she was only 2 years old when her mother, Eliana Jantz started the company, Sarah has been surrounded by natural bedding nearly her whole life. Naturally, she became a part of the company at a young age and has played a key role in Shepherd’s Dream operations for more than 15 years. Sarah took ownership of Shepherd’s Dream over 6 years ago and has been nurturing it’s growth and well being ever since. Sarah is honored to have the opportunity to provide the purest, natural bedding imaginable to people worldwide. It is of great importance to her that each product is made with local, organic materials whenever possible, that the sheep who offer their wool fleeces live happy lives on green pastures and that each product is made with patience and love. Sarah is committed to providing a quality product line that contributes to a sustainable, green planet that will provide a beautiful home for our future generations. We’ll be talking about how wool beds are made, from the sheep in the field to the handstitching. I sleep on a Shepherd’s Dream wool bed, and have known Eliana almost as long as I’ve been writing about toxic free products, so I’ll share my experience too.


The MP3 of this interview has been lost, but will be placed here if we can find a copy.


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