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Question from Marisa

First of all, I am LOVING your website and so thankful to have found it!  You are a wealth of knowledge.

I am slowly converting our home to the best of my knowledge and abilities to be non-toxic.  I am wanting to switch our dishes, bowls, cups, etc.  I like what I find in regards to bamboo, but I don’t like that I can’t find any that are microwaveable.  I came across a line called Coza on Amazon.  It says they are unbreakable and reusable non-disposable Polypropylene plastic bowls.   I have found some sites that say polypropylene is non-toxic and others are not as clear.  What are your thoughts on polypropylene?  And what would be your recommendation for non-breakable, re-useable, microwaveable dishes for my children?  I have 4 young ones and I would like these to be something we can use for years to come.  I like the looks of the Natura Green- Bamboo Whirl Bowls also on Amazon but they are not microwaveable.  Thank you in advance for your time and input.  It is GREATLY appreciated!

Lisa’s Answer

I’m glad you are finding the site helpful.  Unfortunately, I am not aware of a microwaveable bowl that is unbreakable.  Polypropylene is typically one of the safer plastics but any type of plastic can have additives that are harmful.  You can read more about that here.  Additionally, no plastic should be used in the microwave.

While I rarely use a microwave, I do have small pyrex glass bowls that are microwavable and more durable than many other glass bowls.

When my kids were little, I used stainless steel plates and bowls.  Could you perhaps microwave the food in a safe container such as glass and then put it on a stainless steel plates or bowls for them to eat?  Life Without Plastic is a great source for dishware for kids and adults.

Readers, do you have any suggestions?



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