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I’ve gotten a lot of comments and questions about my posts on toxins in clothing and where to find non-toxic clothing.  It occurred to me that some readers may not be aware that Debra’s List currently profiles over 80 companies that sell all, or predominantly, non-toxic clothing.  You can either look through the entire list or search specifically for companies that use only botanical dyes.

I have been searching for more companies to add to the growing list.  The following five web-based companies have unique or hard-to-find styles.  All are committed to using non-toxic materials and production processes and are fully transparent. Three of the companies are based outside of the U.S. so ordering may be more of a challenge but their wide range of choices may make them worth the effort.



Mate sells California-style basics, dresses and sleepwear for women.  You can shop by fabric type which is helpful because some of their fabrics are better than others.  Their cleanest fabrics are GOTS certified organic cotton and Super Flax, which is 100% linen.  Their less optimal fabrics are slub cotton, which is not organic, and Tencil, which uses petroleum-based chemicals for processing.  All of their clothing uses low-impact dyes and the company is considering natural dyes for the future.


Brook There

Brook There is based in New England and sells organic cotton and silk underwear and minimalist lingerie.  The cotton is GOTS certified.  These items are a step-above most organic cotton undergarments.


People Tree

People Tree is based in the UK but they sell and ship to the U.S.  This is a unique company with a full range of clothing for women, men, and children including denim, jumpsuits and outerwear.  The great selection may make it worth the hassle of ordering from overseas.  Just be aware, if you need to return items you will need to pay return shipping costs.  They use FLO certified organic cotton.  “Although FLO (Fairtrade International) is for cotton itself, goods made with the cotton have to be certified throughout the supply chain and adhere to strict social and environmental standards.”  Most items are organic cotton but some use Tencil or a percentage of synthetic fabrics.  The materials are clearly identified in the product description.



Thought is UK based company with a great selection of contemporary women and menswear.  The line includes hard-to-find items like work clothes, outerwear, and denim.  All finishes are Oeko-Tex certified and all dyes are Azo-free.  You can search for clothing by fabric, which is helpful because some are better than others.  Look for organic cotton, hemp and wool and avoid bamboo, Tencil and modal.  Some cottons include a small percentage of synthetic fabric like elastane but it is clearly listed in the description.


Shift to Nature

Shift to Nature is based in Australia and ships to the U.S.  Returns are not allowed from orders outside of Australia but, like Thought, this company has a great selection of unique clothing for women, men and children.  You can search by fabric so look for organic cotton and hemp and avoid bamboo and recycled synthetics.


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