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Question from Ruth

I have MCS. Would like to find a ‘safe’ oven liner. What is available from Amazon is a non-Teflon material which I don’t think would be good even though the company says it doesn’t have a smell.

What do you recommend? Might a silicone kitchen mat be a possibility if it tolerates temps up
to 500 degrees?
Thank you so much and keep sharing great information.


Lisa’s Answer

I did a quick search of oven liners and I would not recommend any of them.  I do not use them myself.

It’s hard to say if silicone is safe for use as an oven liner.  More research needs to be done on silicone and I plan to look into it further.  There are different types of silicone and some can release formaldehyde when heated.  You can read more about it here.  Using silicone in the oven at low temperatures is probably okay but I would not recommend it for use over 350 degrees.


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