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My guest is Eddie Stone, Founder and CEO of Touchstone Essentials. I’ve been using and recommending Touchstone Essentials’ zeolite detox products and wholefood supplements since the company began in February 2012. Eddie created Touchstone Essentials with the vision that only real farm-fresh food offers real improvement in body, mind and personal well-being. On this show we’ll focus on their PureBody liquid zeolite product and talk in detail about why everybody needs to take zeolite, their two zeolite products, how their zeolite is different from others, and how you can get your zeolite and supplements FREE (I do!). We’ll also talk about how their wholefood supplements complement liquid zeolite to help your cells detox every day.








How to Choose & Use Liquid Zeolite to Remove Toxic Chemicals from Your Body

Host: Debra Lynn Dadd
Guest: Eddie Stone

Date of Broadcast: June 20, 2013

DEBRA: Hi, I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. And this is Toxic Free Talk Radio where we talk about how to thrive in a toxic world. There are toxic chemicals all around us unfortunately in consumer products, in the environment, in the air we breathe and the food we eat. There’s a lot we can do about it so that we don’t have to be exposed to them or suffer the ill effects of those exposures if we are. We can remove toxic chemicals from our homes. We can remove toxic chemicals from our bodies. And we can live a healthy, happy, productive life despite the dangers all around us. That’s what the show is about, is how to do that, the practical things that we can do every day.

And today, my guest is Eddie Stone. He’s the founder and CEO of Touchstone Essentials. And Touchstone Essentials makes some wonderful products that help your body detox, and also take the nutrition that your body needs in order to be healthy in an easy and affordable way. Very effective products!

But before we talk about the products themselves, before I introduce Eddie, I just want to talk about traveling. Summer time is the time when everybody wants to travel. And I love to travel. I travel as much as I can. And I know our guests travels a lot.

Eddie travels a lot talking about the products all over the United States. And as far as I know, he’s a very healthy person. I’ve never heard of him being sick.

But the thing about travel is that you’re exposed to so many toxic chemicals that you aren’t exposed to at home. You might be able to find a toxic-free hotel room or an organic restaurant. But these are few and far between. And if you’re just traveling around staying in ordinary hotels, eating in ordinary restaurants, flying on airplanes, riding around in taxi cabs with deodorizers, you’re being exposed to toxic chemicals that you probably wouldn’t be exposed to when you’re at home.

And one of the things that you can do about this is to take Pure Body Liquid Zeolite which is actually the subject of our show today.

Eddie, thank you so much for being with us. Are you there?

EDDIE STONE: Yes, I am, Debra. And thank you so much for the opportunity to speak to everybody.

DEBRA: You’re welcome.

I’ve had Eddie on as a guest before. So he’s told his story. But would you tell us again because I’m sure we have lots more listeners who haven’t heard you.

EDDIE STONE: Well, I guess I’m somewhat here by accident, although that accident is some 20 years ago. Fairly traditional background, just in business. But all of a sudden, for a variety of reasons—one being my mom’s personal health, and then my own health concerns—I became intrigued about food, where it came from, what it was grown with, fungicides, pesticides, the air that we breathe. I just had this realization.

Although it’s one of those things that didn’t happen over time. I guess I’m a little slow. Over time, I just began to appreciate where our food comes from, how it’s grown, the chemicals that are used, the chemical in the air that we breathe in our home, outside of the house.

All of these things have a great impact, not only the obvious, which is our vulnerability to degenerative diseases (which you talk about all the time on this show), but also the quality of life—how you feel when you get up in the morning, how you feel about yourself when you look at the mirror because these things affect your skin and how the skin looks and accelerate the aging process.

So, all of that conspired in the last 20 some years, meeting people like yourself. It caused me to not only pursue my interest personally and professionally as a health advocate, but I’m also an entrepreneur. And so, I see that there’s an opportunity for those that are willing to work hard and create solutions for people.

DEBRA: Yes. So, what you offer in Touchstone Essentials, tell us about the package or products that you offer. And then, we’ll talk specifically about the Pure Body Zeolite throughout the show today because it’s a very special product that does very special things. But tell us about the whole, big picture.

EDDIE STONE: And you mentioned travel which is probably the right place to start. By the way, on my drive in to work today, on the news was a tour guide in Singapore complaining to the radio interviewer that they weren’t able to do tours right now, they weren’t able really to make money because the pollution was so bad that nobody wanted to tour the city. I just had a friend return from Shanghai in China talking about how her family was so desperate to spend the summer away because of the pollution. And so it’s really a global issue that’s out there every day for us.

For me, what I realized is that the role that food plays in our life is really life or death. We don’t tend to think of it that way, but it’s really a life or death issue. When you break it down and look at it from a day to day basis, I think most people realize what they should be eating and what they shouldn’t be eating. If they’re eating something that was passed to them through a driveway window or that type of thing, I think they realize it’s just a fuel stop and not their primary choice.

And so, I see this gap or gulf that exist between where people are with their habits, what they wind up eating day in and day out, and where they want to be. They know all the answers. It’s just a question of access and quality and affordability.

DEBRA: Yes, yes. I think that’s exactly right.

EDDIE STONE: Right! You experienced this yourself. If you travel, there’s nothing you can do about this.

DEBRA: Actually, I want to interrupt you for a minute because I want to tell you something out of my own experience about that moment of deciding that you have to eat better food and the difference between having made the decision and then being able to actually implement in your life.

I remember I really grew up on fast food and pizza and Jack in a Box and McDonald’s. Everything was out of a package and TV dinners. But I remember when I realized—I don’t remember the year. But I remember the moment when I realized that I needed to eat more fresh vegetables. It was as an adult.

I went to the supermarket. And the fresh fruits and vegetables looked so unappetizing. I bought some and they tasted so terrible that I didn’t want to eat them. I thought, “How could this be good for me?”

And here we are now, fast forward all these years later, and we have your wonderful supplements that I take every day. And the difference between the quality of fruits and vegetables that go into your supplements and the quality of food in the supermarket is night and day. It’s like not even the same food.

And so, I think that you’ve done a public service by making the foods that we should be eating available in these capsules. I often think of when I was a child and we started having astronauts going out into outer space. They were eating food capsules.

I thought, “People should be eating food, not capsules.” But I’ve changed my mind about that. I know that when I take my Touchstone Essentials supplements in the morning, and I get those vibrant foods that have only had the water and fiber removed from them, that I’m actually getting all these nutrition that I’m not getting from the foods that I buy in the store.

And that was just a huge thing for me, to go to the store and see, “Well, fruits and vegetables, what’s in these fruits and vegetables that tastes terrible and have pesticides all over them?” Well, I eat these, and it was amazing.

EDDIE STONE: Well, I think you’ve summed it up brilliantly just in terms of who we are. We basically recognize these challenges that you’re describing because they’re faced by all of us every day. And so what we’ve gone out and done is procure whole fruits and vegetables, pick them at their peak of nutrition. These are things that have grown with organic practices. We’ve used technology to process them with really no heat. And so we’ve provided to the consumer portable nutrition.

I don’t know of another way to say it. I know it doesn’t sound very fancy, but this is a chance for a person to bridge the gap.

DEBRA: But that’s what it is.

EDDIE STONE: That’s right, that’s right. It bridges that gap. That’s right. It bridges that gap between where they are and where they want to be every day with their health choices because it does matter, what you put in your body.

DEBRA: It absolutely does. And especially, I know when I travel—and of course you know this because I know you’re traveling all the time—it’s really hard. Often, it’s really hard to get good food to eat. And I’m going to just admit something—actually, we’re going to go to break, and then I’m going to admit something.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. And we’re here with Eddie Stone who’s the founder and CEO of Touchstone Essentials. We’ll be right back.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. And my guest today is Eddie Stone, founder and CEO of Touchstone Essentials. And since I just had a Touchstone Essentials commercial on during the break, I want to mention that Eddie’s offering a discount for the summer starting now through August 31st. And if you go to, and it said in the commercial, look for the broccoli, and click there, it’ll take you to a page where it describes all the Touchstone Essentials product. But it also has a link to the gift certificate. So, this is a time where you can save as well as get some great supplements.

The thing that I wanted to admit before the break is that I hardly ever watch TV, but I do like watching two channel—the Food Channel and the Cooking Channel because I love to eat, I love food, and I learn things about different kinds of food and how to prepare them or how not to prepare them. And one show, I like to watch for fun, strictly for fun, is Guy Fieri going to diners, drive-ins and dives. I never eat in those kinds of restaurants, but he’s very entertaining to watch.

But the reason that I bring it up is because they show you how they prepare the food. And oh, my God, just watch this show some time and just see what they put in food in restaurants. There’s sugar in everything—white sugar in everything. A lot of what gets put in is packaged foods that are already processed foods.

So, if you think that you’re eating fresh foods in most restaurants, you aren’t. They’re cooked in microwaves and all these kinds of things.

So when you’re traveling, and you’re eating in restaurants, this is what you’re eating.

A couple of days ago, I went to a restaurant that was organic, raw and vegan. But you don’t find those very often, especially if you’re traveling.

And so, what you want to be able to do is get that nutrition in your body, especially when you’re traveling, especially when you’re under stress being away from home. Wouldn’t you agree?

EDDIE STONE: Absolutely! And one of the things people don’t realize as they’re shopping in a conventional grocery store, and they’re going to the butcher or the meat counter in that store, they look at that meat and it looks untouched or unprocessed. What they don’t realize is most of those meats have 20 to 40 different chemicals and preservatives that were injected, applied, utilized even after that meat was butchered—not including how it was conventionally grown.

So, it’s very difficult to eat clean.

DEBRA: Wow! Yes, it is very, very difficult. This is why it’s so important to me personally that I take these supplements because it is clean food, it is good nutrition. And so no matter what else I eat during the day or I don’t eat during the day, I’ve got the nutrients. I know when I take those capsules in the morning, I’ve got the nutrients. And it’s made a huge difference in my health, it really has.

So, now we’ve talked about the supplements, I want to spend the rest of the show actually talking about Pure Body. Pure Body Liquid Zeolite is a unique product in and of itself. There are other zeolite products on the market. But the way this one is prepared and the effectiveness is just so far above anything else that I’ve seen. It’s really amazing!

Before we actually talk about the product, Eddie, would you tell us why it’s important for people to take it? What’s going on in the world that they should take those?

EDDIE STONE: Well, let’s just think about all the things that you have been talking about and that I’ve been talking about here in the first part of this show. I just think it’s just an overwhelming amount of evidence that’s all around us just in terms of chemical exposure either through pollutants or household products in your home, automobiles, just living from the food supply.

There really shouldn’t be any denial by anybody—and I guess there’s a few people that’s got their head proverbially stuck in the sand. But we just live in a toxic world.

Just the title of your book and your show and everything that you do in your blood, it’s a toxic world, and we need to take a defensive posture. If you don’t, it’s going to cost you in terms of your health.

It’s hard to quantify it. I can’t say for the listener what does it cost in terms of longevity or quality of health, but we know it has an impact. It makes you more vulnerable to degenerative disease. It shortens your life. It makes you age faster. So you need to do something about it. And it needs to be a daily strategy almost like getting fresh servings of whole fruits and vegetables and supplements.

DEBRA: I agree, it does need to be a daily strategy because our bodies—

Well, first, I want to say that, a lot of times, people think that if they’re not having symptoms, that they’re not being affected. But that’s not true.

What happens with a lot of toxic chemicals is that they build up in your body. And when they get to a certain amount, then there’s a long-term effect. It’s very similar to smoking cigarettes. You could smoke cigarettes, and it takes 30 years to get cancer, or you could be cleaning your kitchen with toxic chemicals, and it takes 30 years to get cancer, or children are being born deformed.

If women who are not even pregnant are exposed to toxic chemicals, and then get pregnant—or the fathers also being exposed to toxic chemicals, then conception occurs—the toxic exposure of both parents are already affecting the child who is not even conceived of yet. And when that conception occurs, it sets up a lifetime of poor health if the parents are exposed to these toxic chemicals.

So there’s all kinds of reasons why we need to be concerned about this. And what ends up happening generally is that when people actually start taking the steps that they need to take to reduce the toxic chemical exposure and remove toxic chemicals from their bodies, then they start experiencing a change in their health and well-being which is really astonishing.

And we’re going to talk about that more after the break which is going to happen in about 10 seconds. I’m a little early.

EDDIE STONE: Thanks, Debra.

DEBRA: Five, four, three, two, one…


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. And I’m here today with Eddie Stone, founder and CEO of Touchstone Essentials. And Eddie makes fabulous whole food, organic nutrition and zeolite products that remove toxic chemicals from your body.

Okay! Eddie, let’s just start with the zeolite itself. Why zeolite? Why does it remove toxic chemicals?

EDDIE STONE: Zeolite, it’s an actual mineral. The mineral comes from an environment where a lava collides with lakes or salt water. We know a lot about them. They’ve been around a long time. Any time you have clay soil, it usually has a content of zeolite. There are multiple kinds of zeolites.

But the type of zeolite we use, it’s called clinoptilolite. It’s a sheet-like zeolite. And we know a great deal about it which is important. In fact, it actually enjoys a GRAS status—which is generally recognized—safe category from the FDA. And so the consumer can consume it with confidence.

And in fact, there’s history of it being used by the Romans, the Chinese some 5000 years ago to stop dysentery. Now, they didn’t necessarily know scientifically what they were using. They just knew that if they added clay to their diet, their dysentery would go away partly because if you look at it under a microscope, it has a sponge-like quality. And it looks almost like Swiss cheese. And inside of these little tunnels or channels or little holes that you think of in a sponge or Swiss cheese, these natural mineral maintains a negative charge which means it has a perfect natural affinity for positively charged heavy metals, voltaorganics, cadmium, lead, mercury, things like these, things you don’t want in your body, things that in quantity in your body are detrimental to your health and can even lead to death. It has this natural affinity.

And here’s what’s great about it. Unlike something like an herbal cleanse which can dislodge something from the tissue, in this case, it’s almost like the north end and the south end of a magnet when the zeolite comes in contact with the pollution. They snap together like the north end and south end of a magnet would. And once they’re connected, it won’t released it. So now, it’s sequestered, for lack of a better word, until it discharges out of your body assuming normal renal function in about a four to six hour period of time. So it’s a brilliant answer to these complicated modern issues that’s found in nature.

But as we find it in nature, as we mine it in nature, it is not prepared or going to be effective in the body. There’s zeolites that are sold all over the globe. And I think most of us are pretty leery on a lot of these things that we see. There’s a lot of over-promising and under-delivering that consumers have to navigate through or fight through. What’s important with the zeolite is that the consumer know has it been processed and do they know those end results.

So, for example, on our website, we publish freely lab results, third-party lab results, to show what it looked like before and what it looks like after. We’ve got to clean it. Think about wiping your counter off in your kitchen and using the same sponge over and over. Eventually, all you’re doing is moving the dirty around. I’ve got a 17-year old son, so I know about watching that activity. They’ll just move that dirt around instead of rinsing that sponge off.

But he’d go over to the sink, and he’d clean that sponge off, and you wring it out, now you go back to the counter, and it’s much more effective at picking up whatever you’re trying to clean.

It’s the same thing with the zeolite. So it’s important that it’s clean.

But here’s one more component, Debra, not just that it’s clean, that we mill it to a size that’s preferred in the body. You might think of it simply just being too large to be effective. And in this case, it’s all about surface area. The more you create, the better off that you are. And as we get down to the smaller sizes, we exponentially increase surface area.

So, most of what consumers see out there are anywhere from two microns to four microns in size. You need it to be at least 0.3 microns in size because you can have that really in a substantive way get into soft tissue and the bloodstream. Otherwise, it’s going to take a cup of powdered zeolite—and most do not want to deal with that on a daily basis—to even be remotely effective. You’d just like to deal with a few simple drops, not a disruption to your day.

And so, we clean it. We put that out there. We verify it with third-party labs. We mill it to a fine point, a strategic point.

And then, I don’t know if there’s going to be time here after the break, we also offer it in an exceptional version, an advanced version where we actually get down to nano-sized particles that fit inside water clusters (and hopefully, we’ll have a chance to speak about that).

But it’s important that it be clean, it’s important that it be small to increase surface area so that it can be effective, and the good dollars that you’re spending on the program actually are efficacious and work for you as a consumer.

DEBRA: Well, let’s wait until after the break to talk about the super extra strength ones. There’ll be plenty of time for you to do that. But we still do have a couple of minutes. And I just want to comment that one of the things that I like so much about this product is that it really focuses on removing the heavy metals and chemicals from your body.

People hear this word, “cleanse,” all the time or “detox,” but there’s all kinds of different ways to do that. And if you do like an herbal cleanse or something, as you were talking about before, it can release some of these things. But the different cleanses are designed to do different things. And this is very much very chemical- and heavy metal-oriented.

So, what if you want to do is remove toxic chemicals and metals from your body, then taking liquid zeolite is perfect. And taking this one [unclear 23:47] that I know of because of all the reasons that Eddie has already said.

So, don’t think that if you’re doing a cleanse of any kind that you’re removing toxic chemicals. This is very, very specific.

And another point about this that I think is very important is that this is just going into your body. The zeolite is just going into your body, it’s going around in different parts of your body, and it’s picking up, like a magnet, the toxic chemicals and removing them. So they come out of your body in four to six hours.

The rest of your body could be not functional at all, as long as you have normal kidney function, and that this can go through that system, your body can remove toxic chemicals. And it doesn’t matter how sick your body is. Even if your liver isn’t functioning, you can still remove toxic chemicals.

And there have been some amazing stories about this. It’s pretty amazing how this works so well. And you don’t even have to be well or drink horrible-tasting stuff or anything. Just take these drops, you drink sufficient water, and it happens. You’re just removing toxic chemicals.

So, we are going to be back in a few minutes about the extra strength Pure Body and how special it is. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd.

This has been Toxic Free Talk Radio. We’re talking with Eddie Stone, the founder and CEO of Touchstone Essentials. And if you want to learn more about these products, just go to and look for the magnet.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. And I’m here today with my guest, Eddie Stone, who’s the founder and CEO of Touchstone Essentials. We’re talking about his very pure, whole food nutritional supplements and Pure Body Liquid Zeolite that removes toxic chemicals from your body.

Eddie, I want to make sure that we get this point across, that Pure Body will remove toxic chemicals and heavy metals that are in your body that you’ve just been exposed to, but it also removes what is called body burden, the accumulation of toxic substances in your body.

And some things like heavy metals are especially difficult for your body to process. And unless you do something, like take Pure Body, your body is just going to hold on to these things until they—well, it’ll hold on to them for the rest of your life until you get some illness that’s caused by accumulated toxic chemicals and you die.

That’s just the fact. That’s just the fact of living in today’s world. There’s nobody who is exempt from this. It’s an epidemic of toxic exposure that cuts across all classes. It doesn’t matter how much money you make or where you live, you’re going to be exposed to toxic chemicals.

And every single person needs to do something about it. And if they don’t, they’ll just get sick, period.

EDDIE STONE: Well, I couldn’t agree with you more. What’s at work here and what you’re describing, part of it is the body’s defensive system, or even let’s call it its brilliance. So when your body is exposed to heavy metals, environmental pollutants—I mean think of mercury, innocuous. You think you’re getting amalgam filling when you’re a child from your dentist, no big deal.

The offgassing from that will—

You know, mercury is an example of something that your body does not recognize, doesn’t know how to use. And so your immune system immediately sees something like that. And all it wants to do is to deal with it so that it can’t continue to cause inflammation and harm in the body. And so it sequesters it.

And it generally sequesters things like mercury or other heavy metals or voltaorganics into fat cells. It’s one of the easiest places for the body’s defensive systems to stuff stuff away. You see people that struggle to lose weight. Very often, there’s a toxicity issue involved because the body is just being defensive.

And so if you don’t do something about it, this body burden that you’re talking about builds up over time. And everybody, they’re all caught up in “Well, if there’s no acute issues, I don’t have to worry about it.” Hey, we don’t know. Your doctor doesn’t know where that tipping point is where, all of a sudden, these things create a calamitous type of event at some point in life.

And maybe it’s not in fat directly that the toxicity caused the problem. It’s the accumulation of the fat or other things that resulted in trying to deal with the toxicity.

DEBRA: Yes, exactly.

EDDIE STONE: Yeah, it’s one of the dog chasing the tail type of issues.

That’s why our Pure Body Extra Strength is critical in this regard because we mill it to a size that’s small enough. If people can visualize this, we can use proprietary frequencies, sound waves, to put it inside water clusters. Most people don’t realize that water is made up of a series of clusters. A single cluster of water can exist. It’s got to be in a grouping. We stretch those and use those soundwaves in a stretching process by bombarding the purified water to flip those or put those nano-sized milled zeolite particles inside that water. When you let go of the soundwaves, it’s basically trapped in there. Now, when you consume it, basically, any way that water goes in your body—which is everywhere—now you’ve got a chance to detoxify everywhere which is really not something that we’ve seen before.

It is brilliant in its application. It’s just a utilization of what we find in nature. And the results that people have seen have just been staggering.

So we are very proud to be able to offer this. I’ve seen people talk about these things before. No one has ever gone out there and used third-party verification for what we’re doing. And we truly think that this is one of those products that has a unique place in a day-to-day habits that people have in terms of thinking about their health today, tomorrow, their longevity, quality of health. It’s just a great tool.

DEBRA: Well, I came to Raleigh and visited your headquarters in April to attend a conference. And I heard people talking about cellular health which is a big topic today in the health world. And literally, everything that happens in our body happens in our cells. And the toxic chemicals, the pollutants that we’re being exposed to get into our cells.

And as far as I know, Pure Body Extra Strength is the only thing that will actually go in the cell and remove the toxic chemicals so that you have clean cells. And I think that that is pretty amazing. Did I get that right?

EDDIE STONE: You got that exactly right. It’s a complement to all of these other things we’re doing. It just takes it to its logical conclusion that you talk about on your book and on this show about being conscious of the toxicity in your environment, in your house, where you live, in your food supply. This is just a logical extension of that effort, to take it down to that cellular level which is truly where health is found.

So, our philosophy in our company is cellular health. We want to detoxify the cell. We want to put the good nutrients back in.

We’re very proud of the complementary farmers and people that we work with and people like yourself that are willing to go out there and help share this story.

I said earlier in the call, and I say it all the time if you’ve spent time with me. We’re talking about life or death issues. And it’s pretty exciting to be able to do so.

DEBRA: I think it’s exciting too.

I was talking to a doctor the other day who said to me, “Let’s do this”—and it wasn’t detox because I already am detoxing, but he suggested that I do something. And he said, “Let’s just do this, and then be able to see what’s left after you’ve handled that,” what then needs to be handled. And I thought that that was such a good way to look at things because it totally applies to toxic chemicals.

There’s just amazing numbers of health problems that people have that healthcare cost are sky high now. And people are sick in ways that we never used to see at younger and younger ages.

And my viewpoint is—and I think yours is as well—why not just take the toxic chemicals out of your body and then see how you feel.

I mean, for me, I would suggest—well, I’m not a doctor, and so I probably shouldn’t say this. But I’ll say it this way. Any treatment that you went to for any kind of health problem would be better if you were to first remove the toxic chemicals for your body. And you may find that if you remove the toxic chemicals from your body, you may not need a lot of other health treatments because the toxic chemicals may be causing more problems than you think.

And even if your doctor is unaware of these things—this is something that anyone could do. A lot of doctors who know about liquid zeolite are just putting all their patients on it because why go through expensive, long-term health problems if they can just be handled by removing the toxic chemicals in your body?

And I’ve seen it happen over and over and over. When people remove toxic chemicals from their body, amazing things happen.

And we’re not talking about thousands of dollars here. You can buy a bottle of just the regular Pure Body for as long as $25 a month and just get started with that. Everybody in your family can be on it. It’s an affordable thing.

We only have a couple of minutes left, but I do want to say—what should I say? Okay, here. Go to, click on the broccoli or click on the magnet, it’ll take you to a page where I have a lot more information about the two kinds of Pure Body, the regular and extra strength. There’s a link there for the discount gift certificate you can get between now and August 31st. You can get a significant discount when you become a member and buy these products.

Also, I want to just toss in that you can also solve these products and help other people and make money at the same time. In fact, you only need to have three other people take what you’re taking in order to get your products for free.

I don’t pay for my products. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually paid for my Touchstone products because other people are buying them through me. And the commissions that I get pay for my products. That can happen for you too.

So it’s something that everybody should be doing. It’s something everybody can do. And Eddie, if you have anything else you’d like to say, as I’m sure you do, I can give you another minute.

EDDIE STONE: Well, I’ll just say this.

DEBRA: Oh, 20 seconds!

EDDIE STONE: Okay, really quickly, what happens if you don’t change the air filters in your home? In 90 days, they’re dirty.

You’re breathing that very same air every day, yet you don’t get the chance to pull your lungs out and change them. Every 90 days, your body has to process all of that gunk. What do you do then to aid the body in processing all of that? And that’s just one simple example.

DEBRA: Yes, yes, absolutely. Thank you so much, Eddie, for being on with us.

EDDIE STONE: Thank you, Debra.

DEBRA: And thank you so much for coming up with these products. They changed my life. And I think that they’ll change the world […]

You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd.


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