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My guest today is Oram Miller, a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant based in Los Angeles. Last Sunday the LA Times ran an article about the explosion of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi transmitting chips that are being put in any product that can contain a battery and transmitter. This allows users to have the device constantly feed data to their smartphone or tablet to improve performance. But there is a health downside to all this. We’ll talk about electromagnetic sensitivities, how these devices can affect your health, how to locate this products and identify them in stores before you buy, and how to choose “wi-fi-free” products..Oram received his certification from the International Institute for Bau-biology and Ecology. He provides healthy home and office evaluations for clients throughout Southern California who have electro-magnetic sensitivities, as well as those who just want a healthier home. Oram also consults on the healthy design and construction of new and remodeled homes. Oram specializes in the effects of EMFs from cell phones, cordless telephones, Wi-Fi, tablets and smart meters, as well as health effects caused by basic EMFs from house wiring, including wiring errors and unwanted current on water pipes and other parts of the grounding system. Oram is available for on-site EMF consultations in Southern California and provides telephone consultations for clients nationwide. He writes extensively on the health hazards of EMFs on his website,

This is the first of three interviews with this guest about EMF exposure in your home. He’ll be back..




“Watch Out for Wi-Fi in Everything”

Host: Debra Lynn Dadd
GUEST: Oram Miller

DATE OF BROADCAST: January 8, 2014

DEBRA: Hi, I’m Debra Lynn Dadd and this is Toxic Free Talk Radio where we talk about how to thrive in a toxic world and we do that because there are so many toxic things out there but if we know where they are and we know how to avoid them and we know how to take care of our bodies and how to support them in processing those chemicals that we are exposed to first we reduce the amount then help our bodies them, then we can still live healthy, happy lives and we don’t have to be victims of those chemical exposures.

So today is Wednesday, the 8th of January 2014 and today we’re gonna be talking about something different. Usually we talk about toxic chemicals but today we’re gonna talk about toxic electromagnetic fields and what prompted this show was an article in last Sunday’s LA Times and it was all about an electronics tradeshow that is happening right now in Las Vegas this week and the proliferation of many personal and home products that now have smart chips in them. So it’s essentially Wi-Fi everywhere and they are now calling it the next wave of electronics. It’s gonna be the internet of things. Virtually every type of product in the near future is going to be connected to your smart phone or your tablet or your computer; collecting information, giving us information but also sending EMF fields, radio frequencies and all those things all over the place where they never have been before. I personally don’t have Wi-Fi, I don’t have a wireless printer on my computer, I don’t have a cordless phone; I do have a cell phone that I rarely use but I try to keep my home as EMF free as possible. So today I invited a gentleman Oram Miller, who is a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant in Los Angeles to come on the show and explain how these products can affect our health.

DEBRA: Hi Oram


DEBRA: It’s very cold here.

ORAM MILLER: In Florida?

DEBRA: Yes. And yesterday we were talking about heating our houses, toxic free, and how to save energy and many doing so. And we were talking about how cold it was in Florida and my guess in Montana said it was 11 degrees or something; my producer in Pennsylvania it was minus two (-2). Today its 52 here and its 3 degrees in Pennsylvania and you’re gonna tell me its 75 in Los Angeles.

ORAM MILLER: In a few hours, yes. It’s just after 9’o clock in the morning here and it’s been in the 70’s.

DEBRA: So I guess you don’t need to heat your home?

ORAM MILLER: Well, let me tell you something. Having lived in the upper mid-west in Minnesota before moving here four years ago; I’m not used to the winters here because and everywhere else in the north, you turn your thermostat on in October and you don’t open your windows, hardly at all as its always 68 or 70 degrees until April or May but here we open our windows in the daytime and in the night we don’t heat the house and it gets down to the low 50’s so I’m freezing in the morning when I wake up.

DEBRA: Oh, that’s nice! Well, it’s actually nice for me because I grew up in Northern California where it was very temperate in the San Francisco Bay area and it was with the vonk and everything in the summer. Mark Twain once said that the coldest winter he ever spent was the summer in San Francisco and that was about right. We had warmer winters and colder summers so it all balanced out.

But anyway, we’re here to talk about EMFs and I know that you have quite a bit of experience and knowledge in this field. Tell us how you got interested in it?

ORAM MILLER: Well, I’ve always been interested in the environment and environmental consulting. This is a way in which we can help people and families to learn about the toxicities that lurk in their homes that they may or may not know about and the building biology profession which I know you are aware of and endorse. In fact, you’re in Clearwater, correct?

DEBRA: I’m in Clearwater, home of International Institute of Bau Biology but didn’t they move?

ORAM MILLER: Well, actually, Helmet just passed away; our founder – lived there and his wife or surviving widow, Suzanna still lives there of course. And that was where the headquarters was officially for many years. Wherever the Executive Director lives is sort of where the active office is and right now it’s being manned by Michael Khan

DEBRA: Oh, I know Michael.

ORAM MILLER: Oh, you do?

DEBRA: Yes, and I was very good friends with Helmet too. He and Suzanna and my husband and I used to go out to dinner together, talk, etc.

ORAM MILLER: Well, your name is familiar to us Debra. I know that you’ve been aware of us and promoting bell biology or building biology and great work with encouraging people to learn about toxicities in their home. So thank you for all of your work over the years.

DEBRA: You’re welcome. So tell us a little about what bell biology is because I know that not all of our listeners know about what it is.

ORAM MILLER: The Bell Biology profession came from Germany 35 years ago. Anton Shnider is the architect who founded the profession 35 years ago and basically it came out of the rebuilding efforts that were underway in post World War II Germany; where they literally had to rebuild their housing stock. For better or for worst, a lot of American methods and materials were brought which was a part of the martial plan and that was good except that they didn’t emphasize the tried and true building materials and building methods that were used in Europe over the last centuries and even millennia where they used post and beam construction daub and bothole construction where they had thick walls made out of local materials that were from the local soil; clays and that sort of thing. Materials that have the capacity to breathe and we don’t mean breathe in air; we mean breathe in moisture that contain in air – high gross capacity. High gross capacity is the capacity of a wall to allow moisture to slowly move through and dry out so that the materials in the wall never get moldy. I actually co-wrote a book with a Building Biologist in Texas name George Swanson and also Wayne Federo. The three of us wrote “Build a Breathing Wall” and that’s a 350 page self-published manual that talks all about how to build walls without mould. So that’s available through my website and through and my website is

Anyways, out of World War II – post World War II Germany, there was enough illness that developed in people’s lives from the new building materials and methods that were used and also from the electromagnetic field and defining quality of indoor air. So, as a result of that, physicians, individuals who were suffering from this, and builders and architects, got together and founded the IBM and I am not sure exactly what that stands for in German but it’s the building biology profession but they call “bau biologe”. “Bau” is the German word for house or building and “biologe” is their pronunciation of our English word biology. So we translated as building biology in this country and in the English speaking world.

Over the last 35 years the whole profession has developed in Germany and throughout Europe, teaching individuals how to assess homes for sources of toxicities and then that spread through America when Helmet brought this knowledge 25 years ago so he founded the International Institute for Bau Biology and Ecology in Clearwater Florida, where you live, and from there he had people come, learn the knowledge and become teachers for him. I’m actually an assistant instructor for the EMF courses now. What we teach our students is training in identification and mitigation of toxicities from buildings, homes and offices, including indoor air quality; mould, asbestos, lead, radon, natural gas, carbon monoxide and then natural building materials, like I talk about the breathing wall and then the third thing is the whole area of electromagnetic field. Now, I practiced for many years in the upper Midwest doing the full range of building biology services so I have experience in that but 4 years ago, to get out of the cold weather, I moved to Southern California. I do just EMF now and work with others in the area, Southern California who do air quality work.

DEBRA: I need to just interrupt you because we need to go to the break but we’ll be right back. You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio and I am Debra Lynn Dadd and my guest is Oram Miller, Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and we’re gonna be talking about EMFs so stay with us…

DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio, I’m Debra Lynn Dadd and my guest today is Oram Miller, Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant based in Los Angeles but you can go to his website if you have questions for him; he does consulting all across the country and probably around the world so you can get in touch and he can talk to you on the phone or email with you or whatever to answer your questions. His website is

So Oram, why don’t you give us a little lesson here about electromagnetic fields and I know that there are three types and this is actually the first of three shows that we’re gonna have you on so that we can talk about each type. But give us an overview and tell us about how people are sensitive, how it can affect otherwise healthy people.

ORAM MILLER: First of all, there really are four types but the three major types that we emphasize in the building biology profession are: magnetic field from house wiring, then there are electric fields from house wiring which are different from magnetic field and you don’t measure electric field with the gallos meter, you measure them with different meters and they both come from house wiring. We’ll get into electric field in details in one of the upcoming shows. Then the third major group would be all the wireless devices which we’re pretty much talking about today; and then the fourth area would be the area of electricity that represents harmonics of fundamental frequency that could be the 60 hertz per second.

DEBRA: Well, we’re gonna have to have you on four times because I think we need to do a whole show on dirty electricity. It’s my understanding that dirty electricity actually makes you more sensitive to toxic chemical exposures but lets just stop right there because we’re gonna talk about radio frequencies today so we’ll address it in the future.

ORAM MILLER: Ok. But all four types of EMFs make people sensitive and susceptible to toxicities and there’s a lot of cross-sensitivity and because we are trained in all of these toxicities in whole, we understand that and we work with people who are sensitive to both or don’t know that they’re sensitive to the other. They may call us up and say that they are chemically sensitive and then they find out that they are electrically sensitive and vice versa.

So anyways, sticking with EMFs, the magnetic fields come from outside power lines which go right through building material; you cant shield those and they’re really hard to deal with. The second source of magnetic field would be wiring errors which can cause an unbalanced mode between the hot and the neutral in the circuits and in cords that you plug in. Thirdly would be point sources like transformers and motors but the magnetic fields from those drop off within two to three feet fortunately. The fourth would be current grounding power like water pipes under your floor, believe it or not, or the heat cable coming from outside. So I’ll cover that in another show on magnetic fields.

An electric field, just in summary, comes from voltage not currant; magnetic fields are from currant. Voltage is what causes electric fields. Electric fields come out from unshielded wires like plastic romex wires in your walls and circuit and the cords that you plug in and they’re especially a problem where you sleep. So one of the things that we do is to make sure that the sleeping environment is devoid of electric field, magnetic fields, radio frequencies for all of our clients, whether they are symptomatic or not and we may actually determine which circuit raise the electric field levels where people sleep, when they sleep, and then tell them to shut that circuit off. And there are automatic or convenient ways of doing that from the bedroom and the value of this is that people sleep more deeply or release more melatonin in the middle of the night and they awaken much more refreshed and it really has the good effect of boosting the benefit from all medical therapies whether traditional or imperative to help improve the health of people who are symptomatic. It even improves the lives of people who are otherwise healthy.

DEBRA: I totally agree with that because everything we do either has a positive effect on our bodies, health and well-being; or a negative effect or no effect at all. And what we’re doing most of the times in our world today are things that have negative effects; electromagnetic field exposures being one of them, and we aren’t doing enough positive things to balance it out. So when we go to the doctor or some kind of practitioner and get some kind of positive, health affirming treatment; if we still are being exposed to toxic chemicals or electromagnetic fields or all those things on the negative side of the ledger, it’s gonna be more difficult for any kind of treatment to actually improve your health. So this is one of the reasons why it’s so important that we understand what these negative effects are so we can stop beating up our bodies with them.

ORAM MILLER: Exactly! That’s actually the philosophy of our profession as you well know. Building biology considers the house to be the third skin; we have the skin of our bodies, our clothes is the second skin or layer that protects us and then the building enclosure is the third skin and we want the environment within that to be as healthy as possible. You get a lot of referrals from healthcare practitioners in the Southern California area, who have seen that the clients and patients that they’ve referred to me are getting more improvements from the therapies that they’re providing with the addition of the building biology evaluation of the home; whether EMF or indoor air quality and so that’s a lot of my work. I haven’t had to advertise in three and a half (3 ½) years.

DEBRA: That’s great! I’m glad that the people are recognizing the value of this.

ORAM MILLER: Thank you. In regards to this issue, the reason why you had me on this is because I sent out a post to the building body website yahoo chat group that was picked up by a gentleman in Montreal, Andre Fachoo who then put it on his blog and then you saw that and that’s why you called me. What I wrote about was this article that I read in my home town newspaper, The Los Angeles Times Sunday morning which said that the consumer electronics show is in Las Vegas and about to begin and one of the quote is that “by 2050 there will be 50 billion internet connected devices or five gadgets for every man, woman and child in people’s home” and they say you’re gonna see an explosion of device. Now I knew this was coming but I didn’t realize it was gonna be in tennis rackets, toothbrushes and that sort of thing. I know it’s already in wearable wristbands, they call it, like you said in your introduction “the internet of everything” and one of the areas that they’re pushing into very aggressively technologically is called wearables: watches, glasses, and so on. Here’s the issue that I deal with. Fortunately for me I’m not personally electrically hypersensitive but sixty to seventy percent (60 – 70%) of my clients are.

DEBRA: What does that mean “electrically hypersensitive”?

ORAM MILLER: These are people who already have figured out that they have symptoms and they even may be ill from them. There’s a slight difference – some people are just sensitive but they can tolerate these things but they don’t feel well. There are other people who are frankly ill; so sixty to seventy percent of my clients are in that large category and then maybe two-thirds of them are actually ill. These are people who notice they develop headaches, numbness and tingling, brain fog, lethargy, weakness and other symptoms that they know are specifically related to one form or another. Now interestingly enough, in the last few months, I’ve figured out that over the years the many clients I’ve worked with, I’ve become able to pretty much determine which EMF I’m going to find that will be elevated in their home based on the cluster of symptoms that they tell me about.

People who have radio frequency sensitivity to Wi-Fi and to those kinds of devices – cell phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones – they can’t sleep, they have numbness and tingling, ringing in the ears, headaches, agitation and brain fog; but mostly its ringing in the ears, headaches and lethargy. Someone on the other hand who has a strong magnetic field occurring under their water pipe, under their floor, in the ceiling of their basement or in the cross base in their house or they have wiring errors when they turn on light and they don’t know it or they have power lines. Those people, their immune system just starts to fail, they develop general debilitation over time because it affects their immunity and their vitality. Now people who have high electric field, they definitely have insomnia, they have agitation, they’re very tired, a lot of chronic fatigue and they just feel dosed all the time. That points to electrical hypersensitivity and that can also extend to their laptop, if they plug in the power cord with a two-sprung plug instead of a three-sprung plug because in the former case you’re ungrounded and in the latter you’re grounded and that’s a huge difference so that’s another thing you have to check out. That should give you an idea of the symptoms people report.

DEBRA: Let’s talk more about these new products that the article talked about.

ORAM MILLER: This is really an interesting turn of events. Our profession, me included, we have no problem with the connectivity; we love the connectivity, we love all of the conveniences that these things provide but what we don’t like is the technology that’s used for the communication. The actual radio frequency based, wireless communication and in fact, very extensive research that I suggest listeners look at for themselves through my website, what I do is I have list of links to other websites that have hundreds of studies that document harm to people; most of the research is done outside the United States but it is well documented and countries around the world, outside of the US, are actually encouraging people to reduce use of these devices. They’re taking Wi-Fi out of schools and hospitals because they see a looming health crisis because enough time has elapsed that people are starting to show up with these symptoms and go into health clinics that of course the Government pay for; that’s how healthcare is provided in those countries we know and its not profit driven so they have every incentive in the world to get ahead of what they see as the fourth looming health crisis that we’ve seen in the last century – the first three being asbestos lead, gas or petrol as they call it, and tobacco. So we’re entering the script for four and we don’t want to have it go through its full cycle the way it has in the past so they’re trying to get ahead of the curve and they’re making efforts to reduce these effects. I point to that when I have conversations quietly after presentations by electric utility officials or people who represent health and companies when they make the claim, as they always do, in the United States that there is no harm from these things because the FDC says that one mill watt per square meter is a safe level but that’s only based on thermo heating effects in experiments that were done decades ago with laboratory animals and it completely had disregarded all this time, all of the effects that occur at much lower level that are non-heating but biological in nature. So the emerging EMF safety community is made up not of engineers and physicist as in the past but rather experimental biologist who are looking at the effects of these technologies on cells and tissue functioning at the biological level and they are seeing a tremendous number of effects on sperm and reproduction, on autism, on genotoxicity, neurotoxicity. Its one effect after another that are well documented so I say to these officials and representatives from these companies; if what you say is true, if there is actually no evidence – and they actually make the statement that there is no harm below the official level, but they’re lying through their teeth (I hate to say it that way but they are). The problem is the institutions that they look to aren’t reporting these effects. Because they look to the EPRI which is the Electric Power Research Institute in San Francisco but that’s bio industry, bio electric utility and they look at the IEEE which is the International Electrical and Electronics Engineers who again say we’ve reviewed thousands of studies and we’ve found no evidence of any harm. They’re just not reporting on those things that are being reported by other places in the world. In fact, a Danish study that came out a couple years ago that showed no significant effect, but now it turns out that in the study they totally disregarded the class of users in Denmark that were the heaviest which are those individuals who were given cell phones by their company; they were excluded from the study. And in study after study, there is evidence that they are totally ignoring and withholding information regarding certain tumors. So they’re very selective in what they announce, unfortunately.

DEBRA: Unfortunately yea. So give us some examples of some of the kinds of products that are available now that we should be watching out for. Like one of the ones that you mentioned in your email that went out is the “nest thermostat”. Talk to us about that because my thermostat broke. Fortunately, it broke at the end of the summer so right now I don’t have heat but I don’t need it for many days except for today when I’m sitting on top of the little space heater underneath my desk but when it comes up I’m gonna have to replace my thermostat before it gets hot because I need my air conditioner here in Florida. So, I was looking at the thermostats at Home Depot and of course they have a big display for nest and I was looking at how cute it looks; its got that little leaf and it helps you save energy and I thought, these are good features but tell us why.

ORAM MILLER: First of all, I want to start by saying I don’t want to single out any particular company or manufacturer by name; I mentioned that in the email not knowing I was gonna end up on your radio show and I’m not opposed to that company in particular or any company for that matter.

DEBRA: Neither am I. It’s just an example.

ORAM MILLER: I use the cell phones and we’re all in favor of technologies that give energy but here’s the issue; the issue is not their fault, it’s the technologies they’re harnessing and tapping into which is the technology for connectivity and that’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. So the last few times I’ve come across those digital thermostat in four or five homes over the last six months, I’ve noticed I pick up a Wi-Fi signal with the radio frequency detector that I use. I know what devices normally produce that: cordless phones – base units put out not Wi-Fi but another signal, even when you hang up the phone they fill the room with frequencies on a continuous basis. Just like an ashtray with four or five burning lit cigarettes filling the room with smoke which you can’t see or smell the radio frequencies and it’s harmful to everyone on a cellular level but not everyone is symptomatic so it’s really a question of; if you’re symptomatic you need to get rid of it and replace it with cord service which we will talk about in a few minutes on the show here, but if you’re not symptomatic and you want to be health conscious then I say to my clients, how many cigarettes are you willing to smoke on a daily basis. You’re exposing yourself to a known toxic agent that does cause harm at the cellular level which is proven with hundreds of thousands of studies now so you have to ask yourself, how much exposure are you willing to experience. And we know that people who smoke cigarettes, decades ago, the majority of them did not get ill but a certain percentage did so…

DEBRA: And you also don’t know, as you said cigarette, people have to smoke for 30 years some of them before they get cancer and other problems.

We need to go for a break and you’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio, I’m Debra Lynn Dadd and my guest today is Oram Miller, a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant in Los Angeles and we’re talking about EMFs and we’ll be back after the break to learn more about regular everyday products that now have these EMFs emitting from them affecting our health.

DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio, I’m Debra Lynn Dadd and my guest today is Oram Miller, Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and we’re talking about all these new products that have Wi-Fi coming out of them and getting into our bodies and emitting all over the place. Oram, could you just tell us about what are some of the different kinds of products – the LA article mentioned tennis rackets. I think the thing that surprised me why I mentioned that is I was looking for a thermostat and it had a lot of great features it didn’t even occur to me to check and see if it was a wireless device; if there was a radio frequency problem. So I’d like to make sure that our listeners today, by the end of the show, understand – what should they be looking for? How should we be alert for not inadvertently buying a product like this if we don’t want it?

ORAM MILLER: Well, first of all you have to make a decision to not want it and to educate yourself because we know the industry is not gonna tell us these things are bad for you and unfortunately the regulatory agencies in our country don’t do that either so you’ll have to go to institutions like the building biology profession and others. Look at what Europe’s doing – Europe, Israel, Russia – they’re taking Wi-Fi out of schools in all of those countries because they know that these things are harmful. So, to answer your question – become educated (I’ll go over break quickly the recommendation that I make/we make at building biology to our client) telephones, internet, media and quote everything else – besides you cordless telephone and the handset that you hold in your hand, smart phones, the tablets that you have, laptops, Wi-Fi routers – besides those things, you’re now seeing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in thermostat and security systems; like when you open closed doors and windows – toothbrushes, tennis rackets but also in beds. This is from an MPR that I heard weeks ago, they’re monitoring your heart rate, your movements, your respiratory rate and all that information; its not computed in the device, the toothbrush or the tennis racket, its sent wirelessly to your smart phone and then you have an app that can analyze this for you and tells you the quality of your strokes of your tennis racket or how deeply you slept – that sort of thing. We don’t like electricity in beds at all so motorized beds should be used to help improve your sleep.

DEBRA: So it would be if the product is advertising something like its collecting information and sending it your smart phone or that you can change your thermostat from your smart phone while you’re away from home or something like that.
ORAM MILLER: The interest of all the benefits that any particular company has come up with to programmable thermostat is that the Nest Company has gone much further than that. I read an article about that company and particularly I was very impressed as a building biologist in terms of what they are thinking of and providing through their technology. So all we say then is just have it connected to your furnace to a low voltage wire like we have done for decades. In fact, our guiding principle is; number 1: does any device have the capacity to provide and convey information in a harb wire way?

There are devices you can buy to go in your entertainment center and directly connect to your TV set that get a wireless signal from your router in another room and then you can stream movies and shows through networks that are coming up. That way with these rowco and Netflix, and android/Google and apple; they’re all coming up with their own TV network conduit for providing content and one of these devices, the rowco device I believe has an Ethernet port so you can put an Ethernet cable in there. I remember reading a week or two ago from a client thing saying that they checked with one of these manufacturers and were told that if you plug in an Ethernet cable that turns off the Wi-Fi because it cant do both; it has to do one or the other. So my criteria for a laptop or a router is, when you plug in an Ethernet cable, that’s only half of the job, you have your connectivity now but you have to shut off the Wi-Fi manually on your laptop and on your router because otherwise that still is transmitted on a continuous basis even though you’re connected with an Ethernet cable.

DEBRA: Oh, good tip!

ORAM MILLER: Now you can have an Ethernet cable in the walls, in the cross space, in the attic, in the basement or you can get network extenders if you’re not overly, electric hypersensitive. Netgear and other manufacturers make non-Wi-Fi network extenders where you plug the little device into an outlet in the room with the router and a support on the side for Ethernet cable and they actually provide two 6-foot Ethernet cables in the box. So you plug your Ethernet cable from the router – there’s a little device that you plug in that room – and then you plug the other in an electrical outlet in any other room in the house and have an Ethernet cable to your computer up there using the circuitry in the house to convey the internet signal if you can’t put in an Ethernet cable because that can be very expensive or you can do this over the TV cable as well, even if you’re running TV station or signals. So these are called networks extenders. There are technologies to provide high-speed, safe, secure, non-hackable internet connectivity in your home and what we call a local area harbwire, local area network as opposed to a wireless network in the home. Now the only problem with that is your tablet will not be able to pick up the signal; you can’t get on the internet with your tablet unless you have the Microsoft brand Surface – the new Surface that’s out now for tablets that’s the brand name that they have, not the basic but the Surface Pro and the Surface 2. Not only do they have a USB port for the basic model, but the Surface Pro and the Surface 2 are programmed to be able to handle the internet through an adapter that you plug into the USB port and then has an Ethernet port on the other end of that adapter into which you plug an Ethernet cable and now you can put that tablet on airplay mode and be connected to the internet with the tablet. But what we don’t want people to do is, mom’s should not be putting a tablet in front of a young child to pacify them and have them watch movies without putting it in airplay mode because if they don’t that tablet, just like a smart phone, is putting a signal looking for a Wi-Fi router even if it doesn’t exist in the house but sometimes maybe connected to the 3G and the 4G up in the tower. The point is, these tablets and smart phones put a signal looking for a Wi-Fi router and in the case of the smart phone looking for a cell tower – the beacon signal – and people don’t even know this. So if you have your cell phone as an alarm clock, it sending out a signal every few minutes looking for a tower or to tell the tower that it’s here and looking for a call and you need to put it in airplay mode at night when you have it near your head as an alarm clock.

These are all tips that are on my website and that we educate our clients about.

DEBRA: I think these are very important because we don’t know and it’s just another stress on your body to be exposed to these electromagnetic and radio fields that make it more difficult to live in a toxic world and process those toxic chemicals and it’s a stress on your body in its own right. We only have about two minutes left so is there something that you want to make sure you say today that you haven’t yet said?

ORAM MILLER: In general people should follow the principles that we recommend for radio frequencies exposure and that is reduce that and increase this so if you could apply those rules or those principles you’ll go a long way towards improving your health. For instance, we tell people to give out their home number – keep their landline, get a corded telephone not a cordless telephone and give their home number to their friends and family and say call that number first and also use that phone to make outgoing calls. Just generally reduce the number of cigarettes you’re smoking per day – if you want to use that analogy.

DEBRA: That is exactly what I do and I have a cell phone and I don’t answer when I’m at home and I tell people, don’t call me on my cell phone call my corded phone first and I only use the cell phone – I carry it when I’m travelling and things like that.

ORAM MILLER: Well, good for you. So you’ve reduced your exposure to these things.

DEBRA: And I also have on my phone, a pong case that redirects signal.

ORAM MILLER: I am in favor of these chips and pendants and pong cases and other technologies that reduce the influence of these negative influences on the body but we don’t recommend them in my profession as primary ways of protecting themselves.

DEBRA: I totally agree and I’m sorry again to interrupt you. The music’s gonna come on and we’re gonna be done and I want to make sure that I say thank you so much for being on and everyone can go to and Oram will be on again and we will continue this conversation. You’re listening to toxic free talk radio, I’m Debra Lynn Dadd.


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