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Swans Island Company

Blankets, throws, wraps, and accessories (also yarns) handcrafted from Maine-spun fleeces and hand-dyed yarns. “A Swans Island product means natural fiber, sourced to the highest possible standard, designed to be as timeless as the tides. * Much of our fiber is from local New England farms as well as domestic, family-run farms that have been caring for their flocks for generations. Our organic merino, sourced from South America, has been certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard, the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. * Fleece from those farms is custom spun for us by New England mills on trusty vintage machinery. From there, every skein of Swans Island yarn – whether destined for our looms, our machine-knit accessories, or your knitting needles – is dyed by hand in our Northport dye house. * Many of our yarns are dyed using naturally derived pigments like cochineal, indigo, and madder root. Others are skein-dyed with low-impact dyes. * We make each dye bath with unique recipes, expertly working the fibers in order to achieve our distinctive hand-dyed look and feel. * Many of our products are woven on traditional looms here in Northport; others are produced in partnership with American makers who share our belief in the value of a life built by hand.” Edges handwoven with 100% silk.

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Mountain Honey Clothiers

“We are committed to creating heirloom quality children’s clothing, toys, and accessories, that support imagination and your child’s own unique style. We don’t skip corners, follow the hotest trends, or print big flashy logos on our products. We create pieces that are timeless and fun, yet incredibly functional.We are all about bringing your family fashion choices that allow your little one to express their uniqueness and creativity, while making a positive impact on their world. Our clothing is more than just whimsical, well made, and unique, it is made by a small company, with a huge heart; a company with a conscience.” In an email, Diedre told me she is committed to using only natural fibers (with one tiny exception: recycled plastic in a wool blend). She tries to use as much certified organically grown cotton as possible, or organic linen. The dolls are stuffed with fluffy organic cotton fill. I choose fabrics that have a 100% cotton, linen, wool, or flax content, no synthetic fibers. I use cotton thread, and metal snaps that are produced in the US and are nickel-free. I purchase from companies that either produce their products organically, are sustainably run, or can be classified as a “small business”. 100% of my products are handmade in VT, USA by either myself or my assistant. The Mountain Honey line is based on the principles of sustainably produced, small-batch fashion.”

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Dots on Tots

100% certified organic cotton hats for babies and toddlers. Various styles in various colors. “Dots on Tots is a baby headwear company specializing in ear flap hats made from natural, certified-organic cotton…As newborns and toddlers have sensitive skin and are vulnerable to ENT ( ear, nose and throat) complications, [parents need] a line of accessories that keep babies safe by covering their ears and at the same time not harming their sensitive skin. With her Master’s Degree in Fashion Design and Technology and an experienced mother, Olivia set forth to provide the children’s market with a niche product that would provide safety and comfort to children.” Noise-reduction inserts for ear flaps available.

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Lady & Little Bug

Organic cotton leggings, bodysuits, newborn gowns, baby hats and more. “Cotton is the name of the game for me, specifically American- milled, organic cotton. This is in part due to my own choice and in part due to my mother’s wonderful influence. She insisted on natural fibers for clothing and is an organic gardener. I use mainly American-made, organic cotton, because I want to support our economy. You will find a few exceptions, as India is one of the largest producers of organic cotton and I have yet to find an American source for woven, organic fabrics.”

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Rat Pack Hats

Natural fiber hats for men with “cool and sophisticated styles” reminiscent of the Hollywood “rat pack” actors. Made from cotton, linen, straw, wool, leather, or waterproof genuine oil cloth (choose “Shop Hats by Material” from the side menu).

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Jacobs & Brichford

Producers of raw milk cheese on their family’s Hoosier Homestead Farm. “Making cheese from our solely grass-fed dairy cows, we continue to live and work on the farm that has been in the family since 1819. We believe in a sustainable future and our cheese is one way we can bring that vision to you.”

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Amagansett Sea Salt

Premium finishing salt, to be added to food on your plate. “Amagansett Sea Salt is crafted entirely by hand in small batches from seawater harvested from the Atlantic Ocean. All steps – from the ocean to the jar – take place in Amagansett, a small, oceanfront hamlet in the Hamptons area of Long Island, New York. Our process is entirely natural, requiring only the sun, the wind, a strong back, and patience. By carefully balancing solar evaporation and exposure to the crisp, clear ocean breezes, our Amagansett Sea Salt forms slowly into crystals with a mild, sweet, flavor and a distinctive soft “crunch” that enhances any food. Clean water. Clean air. Exceptional sea salt. The best salt comes from clean, cold, fast-moving ocean water solar-evaporated outdoors in clean, fresh ocean air. We are not a salt importer or blender; rather we make our crystals. Our salt is made outdoors in the sunshine and bathed by ocean breezes, not under a roof or in a greenhouse. We do not boil or oven-dry our seawater or salt. We use no chemicals or anti-caking agents. We have taken excruciatingly difficult steps to eliminate all metal from contacting our sea water and salt crystals. Producing salt this way is hard, labor intensive and weather dependent, but the results are worth it.” Pure salt and salt blends.

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Conner Handmade Hats

High quality hats for women, men, and children in many styles, made from organic cotton. Also hemp, leather, linen, waxed cotton, raffia, paper straw, wool, and more (see Material menu for full list). Extra large sizes available for big heads. I’ve never seen so many styles of hats made from natural materials all in one place.

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