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The perfumes on this page are certified to be natural perfumes by the Natural Perfumers Guild. Their definition of natural perfumery is, “the art of blending fragrance ingredients of natural origin to create aesthetically pleasing natural fragrance compounds used to fragrance a full range of industry products from fine perfume to personal and household products. The natural fragrance compound is the aromatic foundation for fragrant natural products and naturally fragranced products.”

They have a long, very specific list of fragrance ingredients of natural origin.

Some of the natural perfumes listed on this page are certified by the Natural Perfumers Guild.

These natural perfumes may not be suitable for people with allergies or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). On the other hand, you may find that these natural fragrances work for you even if synthetics don’t. Please use your own discretion.

Ojai Wild

A collection of natural fragrances made from native California botanicals, resins, woods and roots. “Alongside organic botanicals and roots from our farm in the Ojai Valley, our hand-gathered materials are ethically sourced from trees, shrubs and fields grown on established estates and ranches all around California. These raw materials are then extracted and poured into glass containers. Each cologne is composed of the raw botanical extract married with a harmonious blend of essential oils and absolutes—some of which are aged up to 35 years…Rather than mask your scent, unleash it. Ojai Wild colognes pair with your own individual scent, allowing you to explore the most pure, most authentic version of your own essence.

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Thorn and Bloom

“An artisanal perfumery handcrafting luxury botanical fragrances using the finest natural aromatics…Our fragrances are comprised of 100% botanical aromatics, such as Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2 Extracts and Tinctures in a base of triple-filtered USDA Organic Grape Alcohol. We do not use synthetic aroma chemicals, preservatives or GMOs. Each small batch is lovingly blended by hand in Charlestown, MA.” Certified by Natural Perfumers Guild.

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Ring Botanicals

Small-batch artisinal perfumes and essential oils carefully crafted from organic and wildcrafted plants. “Our purpose has always been to bring about beauty and healing through the creation of perfumes that smell like the ecosystems they come from. We extract over 100 of our own essences ranging from herbs such as rosemary and lavender, to rarer essences like our house specialty, Black Poplar, or the heartwood of ancient fir trees. With each harvest we draw from the land we return more than we take; by farming sustainably, planting trees, sharing seeds, and educating other herbalists and distillers about ethical wildcrafting of native plants, we restore our good connection with the healing plants. Our natural perfumes are 100% sythetic-free and boast ingredients from artisinal distiller friends the world round. True to name, our work encircles and protects many small trees and millions of beneficial pollinators and bees who sip on the nectar of our crops. These voices of the trees, and roots, and flowers that you will hear in our offerings have much to tell you about how to reclaim your own spirit, as well as protect that of the land. Certified by Natural Perfumers Guild.

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Anya’s Garden Perfumes

100% natural perfumes made with rare and exotic essences. “My lifelong passion for fragrant plants and natural aromatics is showcased in my natural perfumes. I grow many unique tropical plants and extract their fragrance for my perfumes. Guaranteed made only from essential oils, absolutes, tinctures and organic undenatured alcohol.” She also offers perfume making kits and botanicals so you can make your own personal fragrances. Certified by Natural Perfumers Guild.

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A line of handcrafted fragrance made with 100% pure botanical ingredients. “Having rarely experienced the gentle depth and complexity of true botanicals in conventional perfumes, Susannah became infatuated with these vibrant ingredients and dedicated herself to the art of scent blending with botanicals. Each fragrance is composed of elegant and wild aromas that come from distillations and extractions of real flowers, herbs, woods, balsams, resins, seeds and more. These pure organic and wild-crafted essences elevate the scent experience. Florescent fragrances are free of the synthetics, chemical additives, and fixatives typically found in perfume.

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