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Vermont Beard and Mustache Company

“Men’s grooming, as nature intended.” Organic beard conditioning oils and organic shave oils for “a smooth bread and closest shave, guaranteed…Our premium organic beard oils and shave oils are pure, nourishing, and honest… We proudly handcraft our oils in small batches in the greater Burlington, VT area. We impart the culture and style of the city in each of our products. The result will revitalize your beard and revolutionize your shave.”

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Mystic Man Beard Oil

Beard oil “made from the finest 100% USDA approved organic ingredients. The rich, organic oils blend perfectly with sedr extract, a Mediterranean ingredient used for centuries to condition and protect hair, and to stimulate growth…work perfectly on every heard length…work to transform a beard from cars, bought hair, to smooth, luxurious and completely touchable.. will relieve itching and revitalize the way your skin and beard look and feel. Also a wooden beard comb.

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The 1906 Gents

High quality badger bristle shaving brushes with wooden handles, and natural shaving soap. “With so many companies focusing on profit alone; we strive to focus on quality alone. Instead of buying one product a thousand times over your lifetime, why not buy a product once and enjoy it for a lifetime!”

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A small fabrication studio in Texas that handcrafts all the accessories a man needs out of wood instead of plastic: wooden combs (freestanding, folding and even a folding comb keychain with two different-sized combs!), shaving brushes, and razors, plus various wooden cufflinks, signs, clocks, and a lot more more (like personalized handmade soaps). “Our products are typically made out of wood, leather, cork, acrylic, and aluminum, but that doesn’t stop us from experimenting with other stuff. We try to locally source materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable, whenever possible, and try to put every last scrap to good use in order to minimize waste. Some of our natural wood stains are made in our shop using household items such as vinegar, steel wool, hydrogen peroxide, copper, walnuts, and tea.Our products are very customizable and can be personalized with a name, initials, monogram, logo, or just about whatever strikes your fancy. ”

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Handmade Betty

All kinds of organic body care products for men, women, and children, including the purest sun protection I’ve seen. Packaged in glass jars. “We make everything in small batches & with only transparent ingredients . Our Company dedicate itself in finding the best ingredients and suppliers to find wholesome and beautiful ingredients. All of our products are made from scratch and made to order. It is made once the order comes in so nothing is sitting on shelves….We are very proud of my products! We are constantly doing research to make sure not only the products are free of harmful chemicals but also that each essential oil & ingredients that we put in our products are fresh and wont disturb your skin. Homemade Betty started making products for her children and her self. She was worried about all the products that were going on their body! She started making lotion and never turned back. Every product that she makes is something her or her family uses daily.”

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Earthview Products


A full line of fragrance-free household cleaning and laundry products—plus skin care, hair, care, and shaving products—formulated by a man experienced with MCS. Made from safe plant- and mineral-derived ingredients—without any aromatics, essential oils, or petrochemical ingredients—and designed for exceptional functionality and performance (I’ve been using these products and they really work well). Sample sizes and economical bulk refills available. “Our experience with MCS led us to create a brand of natural products that work great, and that anyone with environmental sensitivities could always trust to be free of harmful fragrances and chemicals. This was the simple inspiration for Earthview® products…which after 10 years of research and development, has created some incredible product formulas. Our hope is that for lives otherwise changed forever, by toxic chemical exposure we can bring a small measure of beauty and enjoyment in great personal care and cleaning products.” While designed for MCS, these are just great products for everyone to use.

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Tico Shaving

100% USDA Organic all-in-one shaving solution that replaces pre-shave treatments, whipping shaving cream, aftershaves and moisturizers. Here’s a note from one of my readers, who recommended this product, “I just came back from the barber shop. I brought in the Tico* organic shave oil, and it was great. I showed it to the barber, Christian, and he said that he liked it. The organic shave oil was used in place of shaving cream, and it was a new experience, bringing my own shave oil. This is my first time with a new barber, and bringing the organic shave oil for the first time as well. Christian said that it is definitely better, and much smoother. It glides easily on the blades, for a smoother cut. No shaving cream. He said that the organic shave oil is great. I said that I will bring it with me, every time I get my haircut. Barber tested, barber approved. This is well worth trying out, Debra.”

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Poofy Organics

This line of organic body care products was founded in 2006, after a family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. Determined to stop using products laden with toxic chemicals, they made their own with “the safest and most effective ingredients…Our products are safe for our world, children, pets, and expectant mothers…We promise to avoid toxic ingredients such as synthetic fragrance, parabens, triclosan, PEGs, Triethanolamine, Oxybenzone, GMOs and other harmful chemicals!” They have four separate lines: I Am Goddess for women (which includes makeup and nail polish); Ruggedly Natural for men; Young, Wild and Free for kids; and Baby Poof for babies. Most of the products are USDA Certified Organic while others are made using mostly organic ingredients. Scented products are all essential oil or food extract based. All ingredients are disclosed. All products are made fresh by hand in small batches in Rutherford, New Jersey. 80% of products are vegan, all are cruelty free and gluten free. Products rank safe on Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database. 

Listen to my interview with Poofy Organics Independant Consultant Katie Lynch.

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Grateful Body

Chemical-free skin care products and topical medicinals handcrafted in small batches from organic, biodynamically grown, and ethically wildcrafted plants and cold-pressed plant oils. These treatments deeply nourish the skin, supporting and strengthening your skin’s capacity to take care of itself. Products are safe and beneficial for women, men, children and babies, and for all skin types.” Note their products are free from synthetic fragrances, but do have natural fragrances inherent in their beneficial ingredients. “We simply base our formulations on the vast intelligence and life force of nature, instead of the narrow intellect of the laboratory.”

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Dr. Hauschka

One of the first companies to produce a complete line of holistic facial and body care products for men and women. These therapeutic preparations restore balance and health to the skin by stimulating the skin’s ability to take care of itself. Plant ingredients are grown using biodynamic forming, then hand harvested at sunrise to capture plant vitality. Freshly harvested plants are then immediately brought to the laboratory where they undergo rhythmical processing that ensures the plants’ healing quality is captured and carried to your skin in the finished product. These products have the natural fragrances of their plant ingredients and pure essential oils. Check their website for a directory of local and online stores, and where you can have a professional therapeutic treatment. I’ve had one and they are wonderful. My skin truly glowed!

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