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Frey Vineyards

“The oldest (since 1980) and largest purely organic winery in the United States. Now it is the first in the country to produce Biodynamic® wines…All grapes for the organic wines are grown in accordance with California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). For the new estate-bottled Biodynamic® wines, the grapes are grown in accordance with the Demeter Association (an internationally recognized Biodynamic® certification agency). The wines are made with no added sulfites. Our innovative winemaking techniques compensate for the lack of this pungent preservative (which can induce headaches, sniffles, and other allergic reactions in some people). The wine is therefore free to reveal its delicate and true flavors. Emphasis is on producing wine of the highest quality while caring for planet and palate alike.” When I lived in California, this winery was a two-hour drive away, and I visited several times. The vineyards and gardens are magnificent. They are truly dedicated to the best of organic agriculture and winemaking. Be sure to take their photo tour “From Vine to Wine”.

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EcoVine Wine Club

An organic wine buying club that offers their members “premium wines made from grapes that are pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide free and grown without synthetic fertilizers of any kind…We search for the finest wines made from organically grown grapes. These wines are usually bottled by small, family wineries and are not normally found on the shelves of your local store or wine shop. We visit every winery that we feature.” Featured wines can be delivered monthy, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

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Cooper Mountain Vineyards

The first winery in the Pacific Northwest to produce all of its wines from 100% certified organic and Biodynamic estate grown grapes. “We believe that our winemaking begins in the vineyard. That vines, cared for naturally, will give forth such magnificent fruit that our winemaker’s job is easy…We believe organic wine, especially with the farming practices of Biodynamics enhancing the vineyards, are better balanced with nature and our bodies…Biodynamic farming practices enhance the earth and allow the vines to give forth superior fruit that is rich in the unique flavors of our terroir. ”

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