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I saw one of these desks at a friend’s house and then came across it online. It’s a desk that allows you to adjust desk height with electronic controls (or manual crank), so you can adjust you desk from sitting to standing and back to sitting in mere seconds. Plus it’s just a beautiful desk with a really smooth finish. I don’t see any materials on the website and no contact information, but the thing is you can buy the metal base separately and then mix and match the tops, so I’m thinking that you could put your own top on it as well, made from any material you choose. The electronic controls sit discreetly at arm’s length below the top on the right side. It’s a pretty cool desk!

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Turn your sitting desk into a standing desk for only $25. This well-designed industrial-grade cardboard box sits on top of your desk, bring your workspace to the proper height to use when you are standing. “No screws. No assembly. No instructions.” Looks like you can set it up in seconds.

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Next Desk

Modern ergonomic standing desks, intentionally designed to eliminate toxic materials. All desks are made with solid bamboo or rubber wood, recycled aluminum, and a durable, nontoxic powder coat. And you get to design it yourself.

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Erector Desk

A standing desk (a work desk where you stand instead of sit) made of wood and steel and nothing else. I wrote to them asking “What is the finish on the wood?” and this was their reply…”The top is sanded and unfinished beech wood. We’ve experimented with some finishes and polishes but decided that we really like the matte look and feel of the untreated wood and that the tops hold up very well without being sealed. Another advantage is if you ever mark or dent the wood, you can just use a little sand paper to rub it out and the sanded portion will still match the rest of the top. We also really prefer not using a finish that would compel us to tell people that our tops are not food safe. We also don’t have to expose ourselves to more VOCs than necessary while making the desk which is definitely a plus! After all, we got into the standing desk business because we have an interest in healthfulness. I took a quick look at so I have a feeling you may feel the same way about these things :)”

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